For all the Curvy Ladies: Know How to Style Jeans So As to Look Fab


Denims and jeans are the best pair that suit everybody, and there’s no need to run a census to find out just that. If you’re curvy, you can and will get easily intimidated by images of voluptuous models scantily clad in denims and a practically absent top. It’s time to change that perspective because you — yes, you — can rule the world of the classic pair of jeans too!

Top 5 so Fab Ways for Curvy Girls to Fit and Look Good in Jeans

1. Wear Them High Waist:

Wear Them High Waist

When you’re curvy, the almost human nature reflex is to go for loose, low-waist jeans — but, that’s the biggest no-no for your body type. Low-waisted jeans, in fact, show your muffin tops more, hanging them loose on the sides, making you look flab. To flatter your body, high-waisted jeans are the best way to go — believe it! It tucks your tummy and carves out a nice, firm, hourglass waist for you.

2. Create a Cinch on your waist: One of the easiest and fastest ways to cinch your waist is to wear a chunky belt over a long, sheer blouse. Visually, it guides the eyes, creating a slimmer upper body and a curvier lower half for you.

3. Put on a Statement Top:

Put on a Statement Top

When you have a great pair of jeans, the top should be no sweat, right? Apparently, not for many. Again, most curvy girls think that a plain, men’s shirt is enough. Wrong! Using tops that are not cut to a woman’s body makes you look bigger and that leaves you feeling bad about yourself. Keep your tops trendy. It’s not to say that you should use cropped tops (well, you can always do if you want to). However, your best tops should be made of sheer, comfortable fabric. Another tip is to open up your chest area so that your style can breathe so-to-speak.

4. Layer with a Coat or Blazer: One of the fastest quick fixes to tame a denim outfit, and one that you’re probably most familiar with on this list is layering your look with a long overcoat. It’s a valid curvy style hotness outfit alright but, you shouldn’t always make this your go to dress up routine. Also, make it a point to have several pieces of toppers so you don’t appear like you’re wearing the same outfit every time.

5. Rock’em Pumps:

Rock em Pumps

A sexy pair of pumps or ankle booties instantly adds an air of sexiness to your look. They slim up your figure, straightens your back and pushes up your buttocks. Now, a good posture is the first rule to strutting it sexily and stylishly.


Stop hiding under thick garments and layers of clothing. And, if you haven’t held those good pair of jeans for a while, it’s time to hug and love a new style of jeans — one that loves you back the most.

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