How to Apply Lip Plumpers Effectively?


Those women who just naturally have plump and luscious lips may not only be the object of envy but may also simply not realize how lucky they really are. For centuries, full lips have been a sign of great beauty, and to this end, women have gone to great lengths to enhance the lips with products like lipstick. While lipstick can certainly emphasize the shape of the lips and draw attention to the wearer, they cannot make your lips actually plumper but rather give the illusion that they are full. Thankfully, however, today’s modern cosmetics are able to actually plump the lips rather than just give the illusion of fullness.

How to Apply Lip Plumpers Effectively?

Lip plumpers have only been around for a few years, and have become one of the most popular methods to improve the fullness of the lips. These products often use ingredients that stimulate the blood flow and circulation with topical application. This means that when you apply your lip plumper, you are stimulating blood flow and this in turn will cause swelling and thus, fuller lips.

In order to be able to use lip plumpers to their fullest effect, you will need to know how and when to apply these products. Although few plumpers have negative side effects, you want to avoid excessive use and yet still need to apply the product regularly in order to get the true results. Plumpers can be a wonderful instant fix for fat, pouty lips but will need to be reapplied regularly in order for them to work.

For best results, carefully exfoliate any dead skin from your lips before you use the plumper. This will remove that barrier of dead skin cells so the plumper formula can penetrate directly and quickly. Try to wait about an hour after exfoliating to apply the plumper to avoid any stinging or discomfort.

Once your lips are ready, you might try to line your lips and then apply the lip plumper. This will prevent you from getting the plumper in other areas of your face where fullness is not wanted. Apply in an even coat and leave on for at least fifteen minutes. Some plumpers are made to be worn all day while others are made for a fast fix. Read the directions and follow them carefully. If you notice burning or excessive swelling, you might be having an allergic reaction so avoid using this product if you have negative side effects.


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