10 Useful Tips To Wear Dark Lipstick During The Day Like a Pro


Dark lipstick is hard enough to wear, at least for most people who are not too confident that they can pull off such a bold color. While dark lips are great for nighttime affairs, it can be odd and extra difficult to wear it during the day.

Below are 10 tips to get your lips into high fashion gear even as it’s all shiny and bright:

Tip No. 1: Wear Dark Lipstick With your Hair Pinned Up

Wear Dark Lipstick With your Hair Pinned Up

This keeps your face well-lit and not hiding under your bold, dark lips. You should only wear it loose when you have a blonde or any light shade of hair.

Tip No. 2: Always Line the Outer Side of your Lips with any Neutral or Nude Lip Liner or Highlighter:
Line both top and bottom lip with concealer to keep your dark lipstick in place. The dry texture of your concealer will also stop the lipstick from smudging, which can be frequent and notorious for dark lip colors.

Tip No. 3: Always Exfoliate

Always Exfoliate

Since dark lipsticks are best to have and best worn in matte finishes to help keep the color stay in place, exfoliating your lips is a requirement before you put on your dark matte. Matte will make dry and damaged skin to show, causing crumbled, colored dry skin and residues float on your skin.

Tip No. 4: Fill in your Lips Heavily with Pigment: After you’ve given your pout its perfect shape, fill in with a bold first layer. Blot out by kissing your lips onto a piece of tissue. This technique evens out the color application while also removing any dry skin sitting on top of your first coat. Then,

Tip No. 5: Moisturize your Lips:

Moisturize your Lips

However, do not use a lip balm that will leave a greasy surface that will make your lip color slip.

Tip No. 6: Always Double Coat: Keep the pigment well-defined and in place by applying a second coat after blotting out the first coat.

Tip No. 7. Use a Lip Brush to Outline Your Lips:

Dark lipstick will show up prominently on the foreground of your face so make sure to shape and outline your lips flawlessly with a lip brush.

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Tip No. 8: Coverup: Make sure that you’ve given yourself a great, flawless skin complexion because boldly pigmented lips will highlight every major and minor imperfections on your skin.

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Tip No. 9:Pair with Bold Eyes:

Pair with Bold Eyes

Bold, dark lips deserve to be complemented with matching bold, eyeliners. Draw a cat’s eye and never go wrong.

Tip No. 10: Wear Makeup Elsewhere Lightly: Keep yourself from rocking your look out of tune. Allow your lips to standout and outshine your eyes.


Love your lips just the way you like it — light or dark — whenever you feel like it. At the end of the day, it’s your convenience and comfort that should always come first. Yet, it shouldn’t hurt to always do it in style.

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