How to Wear Hair Scarf: 7 Super-Chic Ways to Stay Stylish Always

  • 1. 60s classic

    60 Classic
  • 2. Skullcap

  • 3. Head Scarf

    Groom Your Eyebrows
  • 4. Use Like a Hijab

    Use Like a Hijab
  • 5. Knotted Headband

    Knotted Headband
  • 6. Wear It Like a Rock Star

    Wear It Like a Rock Star
  • 7. High Bun

    High Bun

For both men and women, hair is always an issue. A mistaken haircut does a lot to pull down even your naturally good looking self. If you’re not quite ready to get a bold haircut or an extremely new style for your long tresses, using a hair scarf can help you avoid that situation where you seriously loathe your crown.

Below are 7 stylish ways to put on a hair scarf:

1. 60s classic

60 Classic

This is perfect for road trips and early morning strolls. Get a classic floral printed or polka dotted large scarf. Fold once into a triangle and wrap from the top of your hair. Tie a knot at the underside of your chin. Wear those large shades.

2. Skullcap


Another stylish way to wear a hair scarf is to wrap the top of your forehead, allowing hair to fall on the sides loosely. Tuck the scarf under your ear then tie a knot at your back. Tie up your hair loosely with the last knot tied midway. Use the remaining ends of your scarf to tie up a bow on the underside of your bun.

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3. Head scarf

Head Scarf

Whether your hair is worn loosely, tied into a bun or styled with a one-sided braid, you can tastefully accessorize it with a hair scarf worn like a headband. Let the ends drop to one shoulder or, if you have a longer scarf, tie a knot.

4. Use Like a Hijab

Use Like a Hijab

It’s a practical way of wearing hair scarf in hot and dusty environments. Lay the scarf flat over your head, pull to the sides and simply let both ends drop over your shoulders. Pull over one end across your neck to keep the wind from blowing it off.

5. Knotted Headband

Knotted Headband

Use a short scarf made from printed cotton material. Just fold into a triangle. Then, roll several times from the base to the tips to resemble a string. Tie up your hair into a bun. Place the center of the scarf at your nape. Pull up and tie into a knot on top of your head.

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6. Wear It Like a Rock Star

Wear It Like a Rock Star

Can you still picture Axl Rose from back in the 90s where he would often be seen with long, blonde hair falling over loosely over his shoulders and a scarf running over his forehead and tied at the back? You can stylishly pull this style too.

7. High Bun

High Bun

Need to get instantly taller by several inches? Then this trick is for you. Pull your hair into a high bun. Use a long, crepe scarf. Find the center. Cover from your hairline to your nape. Twist and turn the full length of the scarf to form a ball on top of your head.


“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life,” style icon, Coco Chanel, was once quoted as saying. Now, you can make a bold statement without ever touching your hair again.

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