HRT Vs. Herbal Treatment – Which Treatment Work Better?


Ah, menopause. Quite possibly one of the hardest times in a woman’s life, and in the lives of those around her. Menopause is the onset of hormonal changes leading to sterility. As women age and near the half century mark they will begin to notice certain symptoms that can include hot flashes, weight changes and severe mood changes. This is caused by the estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels depleting naturally as a woman ages. For those seeking menopause relief, the answer may not only lie in the synthetic hormone replacement therapy but may lie in herbal treatments as well.

HRT Vs. Herbal Treatment - Which Treatment Work Better?Herbal treatments for menopause relief may be just as effective as the synthetic treatments yet herbs offer far fewer negative side effects. Many studies indicate that the synthetic hormones made from mare’s urine can create a grave risk for women who are already predisposed to breast cancer. In fact, one study had to shut down early because so many of the test subjects were showing signs of developing illness or high risks for cancers. Herbal supplements might be able to offer that same menopause relief without the scare factor.

Some of the herbal remedies may actually address the symptoms rather than the hormone levels. For instance, if you have had problems with bloating, the herbal remedy may contain mild diuretic herbs like dandelion to help keep you from water retention problems. Other herb treatments may include black cohosh, which helps the body stimulate and regulate some of the natural estrogens found in women. There are a whole range of natural botanicals that can help you address some of your symptoms to get some much needed menopause relief, and even better, there are usually far fewer side effects than you would get from pharmaceuticals.

Even if there is no quick fix, many women can experience at least a small degree of help and menopause relief from problems like hot flashes, mood swings, heavy periods and general malaise. Before you begin any herbal replacement therapy, you do need to visit your doctor for a thorough checkup that will rule out any underlying health issues. Remember, too, that some herbs can interact with other herbs or pharmaceuticals so you do need to use care and never blindly take any herbal formula. Check with your doctor and make sure that the herbs will not interfere with your health in any way and then you can find some natural relief without worry.

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