Ideas for Celebrity Party Eye Makeup


You need to choose your holiday look with great care. What this means is that you need to skim through the most fabulous makeup designs in order to find the one that will suit your preferences. The celebrity party eye makeup ideas are perfect for you to try your hand at, since they are professionally inspired and include the created looks from Hollywood. These beauty alternatives can guide you when you are looking for your New Years Eve or even Christmas party makeup.

Any A-list party look has various elements. Some would like to devote more attention to their apparel while others would like to highlight upon their best features with the help of their make-up. If you wish to team up both of these as well as have the perfect style inspiration for it, it would be advisable to take a close look at the most stylish appearances of some of our favorite celebs. The celebrity party eye makeup ideas detailed here are perfect for a special event during the festive season or even for a romantic date. Simply grab your beauty kit and start by experimenting with all these fabulous makeup looks.

Green Eyes Makeup

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Rihanna will show you how to rock out that green eyes makeup trend which has ruled both the runway as well as the red carpet in the past and even the present season. Her red locks tend to look just fabulous when they are combined with this fabulous shade. You may try your hand at the colorful eye makeup looks that are created by a few of these makeup artists of the celebs.

Simply apply the green eye shadow to the lids. Ensure that you choose the shade that best suits your skin tone as well as eye color besides the event. Darker tones will be perfect to impart that dramatic look while the light and pastel shades that have been illustrated by Rihanna are perfect for getting that restrained as well as classy look.

Smokey Eyes

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Smokey eyes refer to the tried and tested look that is perfect for various parties. Kim Kardashian can indeed be termed as the master of this trend. This is because she knows that she simply can’t go wrong when she is opting for this dramatic look. Dark tones such as black and brown tend to look amazing when they are paired with eye colors of any type. Thus if you are in doubt about your sense of combining the various lighter hues, ensure that you go for this makeup design which can be created without any kind of serious difficulties. This glimpse can be completed with mascara as well as false eyelashes for getting that seductress look.

Metallic Makeup

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Golden eyes always give a glimpse of the most glittery as well as amazing glam factor. All those who are fond of metallic makeup trend will feel thrilled in embracing the golden lids style that will make their eyes more mesmerizing as well as prominent. Copper besides the lighter shades of gold can work miracles with your look which means that you must have them in your pro makeup color palette. Simply tint your lids with this hue and also apply a thin layer to the lower lash line as it will boost the flashy impression of your eyes. Your eye makeup can be crowned with mascara to get that guaranteed glam effect.


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