Is “Baldness” an Alarm for hair fall treatment?


Beauty is something that is concern with your overall look and personality. This includes your facial get-up, hairstyle, skin quality and your dress up. When any of these things are disturbed or spoiled, it affects your personality. Hair is one of the major parts of the beauty that adds up to the beauty.

Beautiful and shining hairs are loved by all of us. If these are affected by any means then it may give painful feeling. In order to enjoy the prolong life of hair you need to be very careful in treating them. Simple things might cause hair fall.

Hair fall may be due to numerous reasons. With the growing pollution and onset of various diseases, hair fall is becoming a common problem in men as well in women. The formation of dandruffs weakens the hair follicle making it hard to resist environmental pollution. On the other hand we have become so busy to take care of our hairs and blinding believes on soaps and shampoos that claim for quick and better results. The chemicals present in these products would cause more damage to hair follicles, thus making them thinner.

The thin hairs are so delicate and more prone to fall down while combing or doing any type of hair style. Even bands that we use to hold hairs are responsible for breakout of hairs. Therefore first of all you need to make your hairs strong from the root. For this, there are many natural products that help to prevent falling of hair and assist in making them strong.

Whey a natural milk product is believed to regrow your lost hair. Whey is milk plasma that is a liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained. Now days we can see this whey protein is sold as nutritional supplement. As whey is rich source of lactose, vitamins, and minerals and also small amount of fats, it provides necessary food to the hair that strengthen hair root. Whey prevents hair loss by making them strong and shiny and healthier.

Using whey is simple and natural product that helps hairs to glow and also to fight against pollution and other pollutants that causes hair fall. Olive, Avocado oils, Meadowfoam seed oil, and jojoba also benefit hairs by penetrating into it deeply making it healthier and strong.

On the other hand, in male hair fall is also common. This is because male hormones called testosterone when circulate in body, it get combined with enzyme 5-alpha reductase, which gives rise to a new product called DHT (diHydroTestosterone). This DHT (diHydroTestosterone) get attached to hair follicle that acts as good receptors. After this reaction hair follicle becomes thin as it shrinks down and lessen hair growth rate. This ultimately leads in hair falling. This type of disease is called as

Therefore, proper treatment should be taken to prevent hair loss. Apart from natural treatment severe diseases like adrogenetic alopecia that is a common disease in men causing hair fall. Use appropriate anti-androgen or in other words DHT blockers inhibitors. With the proper advice of doctor you can go for medication.

Apart from this, your scalp should always be clean to avoid further hair damage. Use natural means to clean your hairs and scalp that will help you to keep hair healthy.


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