Is Kate Middleton Copying Suri Cruise’s Style?


Here’s how fashion choices of Kate Middleton echoed with another princess, Suri Cruise. Daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Suri has unique fashion statement. Kate, Duchess of Cambridge is known for her stylish clothing but this doesn’t seem true anymore!

Polka-Dot Princesses:

polka dot princesses

Duchess Kate stole polka-dot look early this April from Cruise’s toddler archive which is wore in August 2008.

Metallic Heels:

metallic heels

Middleton ditched her nude pumps this may with flashy metallic heels that Cruise has modeled in NYC in Dec 2011.

Trench Coat Twosome:

trench coat twosome

Take a look at how similar both the party looks! The Burberry coat worn by Middleton was sold out hours after she wore it in March 2011. Wait! The ball is in court of Cruise she got it there as usual two days earlier.

Red Royals:

red royals

Salute the style queen Cruise to forecast the peplum and fascinator trends in 2011 long before Kate who wore it in July 2012.

Peach Babydolls:

peach babydolls

In September 2010; mommy’s little helper Suri played with her toy stroller. She was wearing a peach coat and babydoll dress. Look at Kate mom-to-be in similar pretty peach wear earlier this year.

Perfect Prints:

perfect prints

Little Suri wore a bold geometric green blue print dress in Oct 2009. The duchess punched up similar colors and styled bold patterns in Sept 2012.

Baby blue:

baby blue

Middleton covered her baby bump in flowy Emilia Wickstead dress; but Cruise was first to wear the blue look in Cheeky Chaz in Sept 2012.

Looking Lovely in Lace:

looking lovely in lace

Don’t you think Middleton followed Suri’s trend in white lace tiered dress she wore in Aug 2012? The duchess of Cambridge followed the trend for visit to Honiara, Guadalcanal Island.

Getting the graphic:

getting the graphic

The Fashionista little Suri styles a graphic maroon dress pretty earlier than Middleton who styled it hide her baby bump this April.

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