Is Lip Augmentation Worth to Try?


Who hasn’t looked in the mirror and wished that a beautiful face with luscious and full lips was staring back? For many women, having full lips is the result of fortunate genetics, but for others, it takes work, good products and sometimes surgical intervention to get those results.

The best lip plumper reviews often state that their product is just as effective alip augmentation. This is a rather bold claim, but may have some merit, since lip augmentation and plumpers can sometimes have the same results. Lip augmentation is the use of dermal filler – and there are several that are used – to fill in the lips beyond their natural extent. These fillers are typically injected directly into the lips, and leave behind instant fullness. In addition to this type of augmentation procedure, you might choose:

Is Lip Augmentation Worth to Try?
  • Lip implants
  • Grafts
  • Alloderm

The extent of the fillers will determine the extent of the plumping. Lip plumping products use topical ingredients to artificially stimulate blood flow in the lips or to regenerate collagen production.

The best lip plumper reviews will tell you that the cost of lip augmentation can be rather pricy while the plumpers are a small investment with fewer risks. Not only can lip augmentation cost several to several thousand dollars, depending on the procedure being used, but it can bring with it some health risks. Since augmentation involves inserting a foreign object in the lips, the body can react badly with illness or infection. In addition, poor quality surgical results can leave behind lumps of collagen or other filler and this can take months to disperse. Plumpers, on the other hand, can be wiped off instantly and don’t have the many health risks associated with augmentation.

If you want to know if you are a good candidate for surgical augmentation, you will need to be in good general health, have a healthy bank account, have no current infections and have no allergens to the components. Those who would like to try lip plumpers can find information on the best lip plumper reviews, where consumers will discuss the merits of the different brands. This will give you a heads up about the performance of the product and will warn you about any potential issues.

Lip plumpers can be a great and fast way to add instant volume to your pout, so get online and read some reviews to find your next favorite product.


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