Jennifer Lopez Loses 10 Pound with Vegan Diet


After a weight loss of 10 pounds Jennifer Lopez has launched a campaign to encourage fellow women stay fit young and sexy. The campaign is known as be the girl of your dreams and is to take a full 10 week in order lose the required weight. A body free from obesity enhances a healthy lifestyle, less diseases and a youthful look. Jennifer Lopez has made it this far after using the vegan diet which has helped her maintain a youthful look being 46.She has followed the vegan diet strictly and has enabled her to attain one of her heart desires over her lifetime. This has happened just before her birthday creating a bigger celebration.

Steps That Jennifer Lopez Followed In Order To Lose the 10 Pounds

Being a great dancer has no helped lose weight as fast as the vegan diet has. Staying fit and eating healthy is part of her daily job. The celeb has maintained discipline and determination which has enabled her lose the ten pound. She was previously size 4 but now she is size 2 making her more flexible during performance.

Jennifer followed the vegan diet from Marco Borges, which she strictly followed for about five weeks. This diet was meat free, daily free and gluten free and assuming that previously her meals could not go without meat she had to apply discipline in order to get to her goal.

This was her daily routine

1. Breakfast – Jennifer always took millet cereal topped with blueberries and almond milk.

2. Lunch – She always took vitamin rich kale salad with red peppers.

3. Dinner – Jennifer Lopez always took Zucchini” pasta” topped with vegan cheese and tomatoes.

4. For snacks Jennifer Lopez only took cherry chocolate

Cheery Tomatoes

Jennifer Lopez confesses that it is not an easy task but it’s worthwhile. The results give a good feeling both inside and outside. She has also gained more confidence which can be related to obese people who have low self esteem and no confidence. This also gives the benefits of being fit such as excellent performance in ones career due to believing in him- or herself.

Jennifer confesses that she never wakes up early to go for exercise; all she has to do is follow the vegan diet which she started a long time ago. This diet represents gym and all other vigorous exercises people take to lose weight and keep she handled the 5 week challenge she had also undergone through a 22 day dietary challenge which also did wonders on her body. She has influenced other stars the likes of Beyonce, Queen B and Jay Z who participated in the challenge.

Advantages of the Vegan Diet As Stated By Jennifer Lopez

The vegan diet involves only natural products from plants such as fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and whole grains. This diet does not turn you to a vegetarian but it generally helps to cleanse the body from excess fat. Jennifer Lopez encourages more people to practice vegan diet due to the following major advantages;

Vegan Diet

The vegan diet has fiber which gives a healthier bowel movement and prevents colon cancer. At the age of 46 most people are already suffering from ageing diseases such as diabetes but as for Lopez, none of the diseases can be found in her system.

There are antioxidants in the vegan diet which prevent the cell from damage. They also contain vitamin C which keeps gum healthy and helps to heal bruises faster.

A healthy vegan diet helps in reduction of wrinkles, acne and dark spots from the skin. This diet ensures a youthful look and a smooth complexion similar to what is seen in Jennifer Lopez. If it were not for her discipline and following the vegan diet strictly, she could be already have signs of wrinkles.

Diseases such as prostate cancer, type 2 diabetes, mascular degeneration, breast is cancer ,blood pressure, and arthritis are prevented through the strict follow up of the vegan diet. All those diseases are prone to many Lopez age mates but she is on the safe side.

Jennifer Lopez states that the vegan diet has physical benefits such as weight loss being the major benefit, increase body energy, healthy skin, life and decreases migraines and allergies.

She encourages men not to shy off from the vegan diet exercise since it has same benefits.


The vegan diet is not expensive and is the best and simple way to lose weight and keep fit. You just need to be disciplined like Jennifer Lopez and you will be fit like her. A healthy body is not prone to diseases or quick aging. You are able to maintain a youthful look such as Lopez after strictly following the vegan diet.


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