Jennifer Lopez Reveals The Secret of Her Flawless Beauty


The always followed, always controversial Jennifer Lopez once again made statements that are now making a buzz in social media. In an interview with Natalie Morales of the Today Show, pop music superstar, blockbuster film actress, and fashion icon, J Lo, talked about saying goodbye to ‘American Idol’, her continuing quest for true love, and how she keeps looking stunning even as she nears 50.

On bidding farewell to ‘American Idol’

“I had a moment where I realized ‘Wow, this is it. It’s over.’ It’s been a part of my life, and a very important part of my life.” J Lo, one of the many judges that graced ‘American Idol’ since the show began in 2002, dreamily reminisces. Through the ‘Idol’, some of America’s best loved singers in recent years began their singing careers – Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks and David Cook, to name a few.

In an interview with Ellen Degeneres earlier in 2015, J Lo remained hopeful that this year wasn’t going to be the last season of ‘Idol’. “It gives opportunities where there is none. It’s about dreams. It’s about everything that America is about.”

Jennifer Lopez Beauty

On Finding Love

Married and divorced three times, most recently to fellow Latin-American Singer Marc Anthony, J Lo’s love life has been closely followed by the media and the public since she began her career in Hollywood. She was almost never seen alone, and she admits she is afraid to be alone, which is not quite the case these days.

“I am happy now. With or without a relationship, I am happy. Someone can add to your happiness but that’s not what’s going to make you happy. I had to be happy on my own. It’s been a learning curve. I’ve had great loves and I’m sure that I’ll have more.”

Asked if she sees herself getting married again, J Lo replies, “Maybe. I love getting married. I’d love to get married in a church with a big dress.”

On Looking Flawless at 46

J Lo Flawless at 46

J Lo’s recent WOW performance at the American Music Awards most certainly made everybody’s jaw drop! J Lo wore body hugging tights in skin color from top to bottom. The tights were embellished with graphics which gave the impression of intricate body tattoos of Inca Indian natives. J Lo nailed a full seven-minute dance routine looking no older than the same artist who grooved to ‘Jenny from the Block’ from way back when!

J Lo’s skin was perfect. Her body was perfect. Even the same behind that many envied for decades was perfect…and she’s 46!

“It’s important to me (to be an inspiration to women in their 40s). Having been in this business since my early 20s, that there was going to be a moment when they’re gonna try write you off. I mean don’ try to write us off at a certain point of our lives. I feel like I knew nothing in my 20s but I thought I knew everything, and at my 30s, I kinda realized I knew nothing like I actually didn’t know anything, and now at my 40s, I have started to accept myself for who I am.”

Asked about what keeps her young, J Lo responded: “I never took sun when I was younger. I wasn’t a drinker. I didn’t smoke. But I feel like at the core, it’s like how you feel inside and who you are inside kind of shows on your face. There’s a saying that says that until about 25, you get the face that God gave you, and after that, you get the face that you deserve – and, I always kinda thought, well, I better be nice.”

Conclusion: J Lo Down The Road

The new NBC series, ‘Shades of Blue’, debuted on television on January 10. J Lo plays the role of Brooklyn Police Detective Harlee Santos, who was coerced by the FBI to become an informant who reported on her own police unit. Her character is also a single mother to a teenage girl.

J Lo Down The Road

“What I loved about this story and this piece is that mostly it was very human…We, people, at the core, are good but we do questionable decisions all the time. We make bad decisions and then we have to live with them.”

By the end of the month, J Lo is also bound for Las Vegas where she’s scheduled to perform in “It’s All I Have”. J Lo says it was the most apt title to describe who she is. “I give all I have to everything that I do.”

“I think that Vegas gives you a unique opportunity to be more intimate with your audience. I want them to get to know me as a person and as an artist and as an entertainer when they leave there.”

J Lo was born of Puerto Rican parents in 1969 in the Bronx in New York. J Lo’s empire is currently valued at $300 million. She is also a mother to seven year old twins, Max and Emme – “They help me grow as a human being”.


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