Know about Korean Beauty Guru Jessica Jung Every Day Skin Care Routine


In 2014, global sales in beauty and personal care reached US$ 465 billion, about 29% of which is attributed to consumer spending in Asia Pacific, that is according to global think-tank, Euromonitor International. The same report talked about the so called “Asianification” of beauty which, it says, will continue to drive market growth in the years to come.

This shift from a more skincare focus from the traditional cover up strategy is not only broadening the reach of Korean skincare brands in the US and elsewhere in the West, but are completely luring consumers to follow skincare routines that haven’t been quite as popular before. The daily beauty regime shared worldwide by K-pop star Jessica Jung is making waves in pop culture.

Jessica Jung’s 16-step Stairway to Beauty-dom

As can be expected, she takes a long process getting prepped but, the target is a no makeup look — and, there are a number of skincare products in her long list of must-dos too! Here’s how this Korean celeb’s daily skincare routine looks like:

Video Credit: cosmopolitan

Step 1: Tone. She soaksthree cotton pads with toner. She leaves one each on both cheeks, and another one on the forehead. Then, leaves these on for a minute before taking these off. She wipes the rest of her face, ears and neck with the soaked cotton pads.

Step 2: Add essence. So what now is an essence? Americans would be more familiar with serums, and they could be one and the same but not exactly. An essence is the Asian’s serum. It is highly hydrating and nutritive to the skin.

Step 3: Apply moisturizer. To keep skin from drying, moisturizer is still a must after the application of an essence.

Step 4: Apply eye cream.

Step 5: Spritz a hydrating facial mist. This gives the skin an added moisture boost.

Step 6: Put on lip balm to start prepping your lips.

Step 7: Apply sunscreen for protection.

Step 8: Add foundation to even out skin tone.

Step 9: Apply cheek blush. For a subtle glow, use toned down colors like peach.

Step 10: Add a hint of shadow to your eyes. Use nude colors like taupe or very light brown or peach to achieve your no makeup glam.

Step 11: Draw your lids in black eyeliner. It can be a dark brown or ash eyeliner if you want.

Step 12: Curl eyelashes. Subject curler to the heat of the hair dryer.

Step 13: Apply mascara. Just quickly swoosh the brush on your lashes.

Step 14: Put on lip color. Dab a nude toned, cream lipstick and then spread out on the lips for a soft finish.

Step 15: Top with lip balm for emphasis and protection.

Step 16: End with a setting spray to hold the look.


There is one practical lesson that can be learned from Jessica Jung’s 16-step beauty routine, and that is, to put top priority on skincare. With beautiful skin, who needs so much makeup?

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