Kate Bosworth’s Fitness Routine


It has been reported that Kate Bosworth and her boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard have split up. She will not be on the market very long since she is such a beautiful woman. She is among the many gorgeous gals in Hollywood who stay in shape through celebrity diets and celebrity workouts. There is more that goes into a nice figure than a healthy diet.
Here are some of Kate Bosworth’s favorite workouts.

Kate BosworthKate Bosworth


A Kate Bosworth fitness routine is not complete without running. This activity burns calories, tones the body, and gives a person energy. Instead of a treadmill, she often just goes outside and takes a run with her dog.

Weight Training

The result of Bosworth weight training is the build up of lean muscle. This gives her the figure that is seen in all of the movies.

Active Roles

The movies that Bosworth stars in allows her to bring her fitness into her work. She has starred in a surf movie where she actually gained fifteen pounds of muscle.

Kate BosworthKate Bosworth


Bosworth balances work and play. She has been noted to go to Toronto and stay at The Hazelton Hotel to recharge and destress.

Kate BosworthKate Bosworth

Eva Mendes is another very sexy Hollywood Celebrity. Her exotic look and vivacious body makes her one of the sexiest women in the world. Her secret to her sexy physique is exercising five times a week with 45 minutes per session. She is a strict follower of Harley Pasternak’s diet and fitness program that focuses on cardio, upper and lower body strength and the abs.

Eat Vegetables

Bosworth sticks to a good diet and loads up on vegetables at each meal. She also practices good portion control as well.
If a person wishes to get the same body as Kate Bosworth, it requires a lot of exercise, good dietary nutrition, and the ability to relax.


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