Kaya Purifying Cleanser Reviews – Should You Trust This Product?

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By - Updated June 15, 2019
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What Is Kaya Purifying Cleanser?

Kaya Purifying Cleanser is a product of Kaya, a skincare line that understands the aspiration of many women to have beautiful and healthy skin. Backed up by a team of experienced practitioners who are fully aware of the different needs of various skin types, the company is able to formulate skin care solutions that can satisfy such needs. Kaya Purifying Cleanser, available as a 100 ml tube and sold at a price of approximately US$6 is formulated as a skin purifying cleanser that is suitable for the acne prone skin.

Kaya Purifying Cleanser Review

In this Kaya Purifying Cleanser review, you will get to know everything you need to know about this product!

Kaya Purifying Cleanser – Does It Really Work?

The manufacturer claims that the product can do the following:

  • Clears the skin
  • Reduces acne
  • Conditions and nourishes the skin
  • Prevent future breakouts
  • Deep cleanse the pores
  • Gets rid of dirt, oil, and impurities
  • Helps you achieve clear and oil-free skin

What Are The Ingredients In Kaya Purifying Cleanser?

Based on the ingredients list of the cleanser, here are the active Kaya Purifying Cleanser ingredients:

  • Salicylic Acid: Works by unclogging the pores in order to prevent acne breakouts and lesions. Unlike other acne treatments, the ingredient does not control sebum production or kills bacteria so it must be used continuously to prevent further breakouts.
  • Olive Oil: Packed with antioxidants and other nutrients, this ingredient has become a well-known skin conditioning and moisturizing agent. It can also fight free radicals, which are the substances that are responsible for the advanced aging of the skin. It can also promote exfoliation which can even out the texture of the skin and diminishes the appearance of acne.
  • Glycerin: May help skin retain moisture while reducing inflammation but also can cause skin irritation to sensitive skin.
  • Butylene Glycol: beneficial ingredients to penetrate the skin, with the remainder sitting on the skin surface and doing little good for skin health. By increasing skin penetration, butylene glycol can boost the overall effectiveness of the product. But one of the likeliest side effects from this chemical is the potential for skin irritation[1].

How To Apply Kaya Purifying Cleanser

  • As, per the suggested guidelines to make the most out of Kaya Purifying Cleanser, wet your face a bit and apply a small amount of it to your face.
  • Gently massage your face for a few minutes to create a lather. Rinse it thoroughly with water. Pat it dry afterwards.
  • The manufacturer recommends using it together with their Purifying Toner and Purifying Nourisher to achieve optimum results.

Benefits of Kaya Purifying Cleanser

  • The cleanser contains salicylic acid which is considered to be the gold standard for acne treatments.
  • Some of the reviews state the cleanser is easy to rinse off.
  • It is specially formulated to suit the needs of oily and combination skin types.

Disadvantages of Kaya Purifying Cleanser

  • There are no clinical studies that can back up the claims of this product.
  • The cleanser contains various harmful chemicals that may do more harm than good to skin, especially to acne prone skin.
  • The formulation contains more harmful ingredients than the beneficial ones.
  • Due to strong ingredients, it may not be suitable for all skin types.

Does Kaya Purifying Cleanser Have Any Side-Effects?

While the reviews did not state any side effects, the ingredients list states that this cleanser contains a few harmful chemicals so you may experience the following Kaya Purifying Cleanser side-effects:

  • It uses paraben as a preservative, but this chemical has long been associated with the development of breast cancers and is considered to be an environmental toxin by many.
  • The cleanser also has Triethanolamine which can cause immediate reactions including watery eyes, redness of the skin and itchy skin.
  • This is also one of those products that contain fragrance which you may enjoy if you like a good smelling product but fragrant chemicals are also associated with skin irritation, redness, and dryness.

Final Verdict- Kaya Purifying Cleanser

Kaya Purifying Cleanser contains salicylic acid which is considered to be an effective treatment for acne. However, the cleanser also contains a whole lot of other chemicals that are associated with a wide array of side effects that you would not want to experience.

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Customer Reviews for Kaya Purifying Cleanser

Kaya Purifying Cleanser Reviews – Should You Trust This Product?
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2.8 / 5.0

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