5 Important Things to Consider Before Getting a Keratin Hair Treatment


You know how much time you can save if you didn’t have to spend so much time ironing or curling your hair every single day? At least 30 minutes to an hour and a half tops!

That’s why the toss and turn, absolutely maintenance-free keratin treatments have become popular. It’s a good hair treatment option for you but, before you rush over to your salon, here are five things you need to know about keratin treatment:

1. A Keratin Treatment is a Hair Straightening Salon Procedure

Hair Straightening

The goal for this treatment is to give you straight and shiny hair by taming the damages on your hair strands. It uses a chemical formulation that does two things to your hair. First, it takes away the build up. Second, it treats the hair so that it is able to hold the styling from the flat iron. After treatment, your hair is flattened and straightened. The result? You can forget about frizz. You can even forget about blowdrying and brushing. Simply air dry your hair in the morning. Give it a toss, and you’re ready to go!

2. A Keratin Treatment Lasts from Three to Six Months Only: How long it lasts depends on how well or how badly you’ve been taking care of your treated hair. To make your treatment last longer, don’t subject it to heat, refrain from washing your hair everyday, keep hair brushing to a minimum, and skip the salt sprays.

3. The Strongest, Most Effective Keratin Treatments are the ones that contain Formaldehyde

Keratin Treatments

Yes, the same chemical used to treat the bodies of dead people! Although most quality brands contain formaldehyde way below recommended levels of use, the National Cancer Institute has linked the chemical to leukemia and certain types of cancers, including brain cancer. If the only available formula is one that contains formaldehyde, and you are willing to take the risks, make sure that the salon has good ventilation to minimize your chemical exposure.

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4. There are Keratin treatments that are Formaldehyde-free. So, do they work? According to professional stylists, they do. What you must appreciate is that different products work differently for different people. That’s why the real professionals choose which products to put on you based on your hair type and whether or not you have color treatments on.

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5. A Keratin Treatment May be Healthier for your hair than Heat Styling it Daily
You already know how bad heat styling can be for your hair. A keratin treatment that lasts you for months may carry some risks but, in the long run, is healthier for your hair.


Hair, short or long, is a pain to manage when the strands are dry and always end up getting tangled. If you think you have more to gain from a keratin treatment then go for it but, proceed with caution.

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