Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian’s Home Interiors Will Mesmerize You


You all know them as the two of the notoriously and consistently controversial Kardashian-Jenner sisters. While the rest of the world probably knows all the latest gossips surrounding Khloé and Kourtney, not as many are aware of their solid entrepreneurial skills, more so of their distinguished taste when it comes to styling up their own space.

Earlier this year, Khloé and Kourtney opened up their doors to the Architectural Digest Magazine, and the photos that came from the interview literally inspired readers to start their own home improvement projects just literally seconds after seeing these celebrities’ homes.

Styling Inspirations from Khloé’s Home

There is no one word that can describe Khloé’s home styling sense, except that every room and everything in each were jaw dropping gorgeous. An absolute stunner, here are some of the styling ideas we gathered from touring Khloé’s home:

Styling Inspirations from Khloé's Home
  • Marbled floors and tabletops are a great way to give the home a feel of posh and prestige.
  • Keeping the colors in varying shades of black and white instantly brings elegance to a space.
  • Adding curves in the details — from the windows, doors, railings and furnitures — add a refined ambiance that feels both vintage and modern.
  • The devil is in the details. You can easily have Khloé’s living room, kitchen or Master’s bedroom copied but really gives her home a distinct personality are her choice of fluffy carpets, her choice of furnitures, and the detailed way in which even the flowers in the background all come together to give off a feel of warmth.

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Home Designing According to Kourtney

Kourtney’s home has been described as Tuscan. She has the same monochromatic lens that Khloe has but, she throws in her own blend of personality along with her son’s need for a pop of color here and there. Here’s how Kourtney pulled off the unusual marriage of blacks and whites and reds:

Home Designing According to Kourtney
  • Her home’s overall feel is extravagant countryside.
  • Use the monochromes for backdrop and as the dominant color in your room. She tastefully chooses some rooms to be geometrically painted in black and white, and others such as her home workspace, to be in wood tones.
  • She achieves playful pops of bold colors — bright blue, bright red, and fuschia — through her sofa linings, throw pillows, paintings and flowers.
  • She throws in little bits and pieces of interesting room additions, such as the black and white tipi tent in the living room, from which anybody can already tell that a young boy lives in that home.


Get inspired. You don’t have to copy every detail in this Kardashian sisters’ homes. To achieve great space, first, you have to give a hard thought at how you can keep your home organized. Make sure you have enough storage space to avoid and even tuck away the clutter. Then, when you start off your home improvement projects, think hard about your personality and let that be your compass as to what make or color or detail you want to incorporate.

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