Know all about Khloe Kardashian’s New Denim Line Just Good American


Denims and a curvaceous body — do these two ever go together in harmony? Khloé was candid enough to admit her struggles being curvy and traditionally a plus size when it comes to looking for the denim that fits her and shows off her bum. It’s never easy, and if you have a solid frame too, you would understand how disheartening it could be to find out that the jeans that fit you are in the plus size section too.

Plus Size No More

Plus Size No More

And because this Kardashian understands the agony of women when they’re shown to find a denim that fits in that dreaded section made for big bodies, her latest collaboration with London College of Fashion graduate who is also a hotshot in the fashion world, Emma Grede, swears by that they’re new label will completely, drastically change the way women and others look at curvaceous bodies.

These days, according to Khloé, those with bodies like hers will become celebrated for their curves and the bum to show off. The business partners promise that women will never again have to lament over failing to get the right fit of denims that actually celebrates and shows off their curves but hides the unwanted bulges at the same time!

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Good American, Good Fit

Is that even possible? That’s exactly what Khloé proved during the launch of the “Good American” denim line. She wore a lace, one-piece lingerie and a skinny jeans that proudly showed off every curve in her body – and, oh, her bum was perfection!

Khloé and Emma’s first three denim cut offerings are:

Good Legs Skinny Jeans:

Good Legs Skinny Jeans

It is “THE” pair of skinny jeans that can finally fit women of all sizes. Believe it! If you still need more convincing, visit the Good American page on Nordstrom to see the curvaceous models move around this pair with ease and in style.

Good Cuts Straight-Leg Jeans: This pair gives you a traditional straight cut and a slimming effect. Launch designs come with a cropped bottom which are so stylish and trending this season. Now, even women with delicious curves can wear the trend.

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Good Waist High-Waisted Jeans

Good Waist High-Waisted Jeans

If you’re one of the women who have been struggling to hide those muffin tops, you must know by now that high-waisted bottoms, including denims, are your best-est friends. This pair highlights your cinched waist rather than show off your body fat. With Good American, you can also get these ripped and cropped.

All cuts are available from Size 0 to Size 24. Each pair comes with a contouring waist band that allows each pair to hug your figure. Each piece retails between US$ 149 to US$ 215. All items are initially available from and


The duo formed by Khloé and Emma promise to come out with more figure flattering styles in the near future.

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