Khloe Kardashian Workout: 5 Workouts For a Khloe Kardashian Booty

  • Gunnar’s Dumbbell Side Lunge Lateral Raise

    Gunnar's Dumbbell Side Lunge Lateral Raise
  • Clean Squat

    Clean Squat
  • Jump Squats

    Jump Squats
  • Side Arm Raises, Side Lunges

    Side Arm Raises, Side Lunges

You can’t out train a bad diet and you can’t out diet a bad lifestyle,” says Gunnar Peterson, booty trainer of the stars, and the person responsible for getting the once-big bodied Khloe Kardashian her now curvaceous and absolutely boombastic body.

Want the Khloe Kardashian booty training for yourself? Here’s what Gunnar got Khloe doing:

1. Gunnar’s Dumbbell Side Lunge Lateral Raise

Gunnars Dumbbell Side Lunge Lateral Raise

According to Gunnar himself, other than Khloe’s sheer dedication to transform her body, it was this exercise that helped her achieve her sexy booty over the past year. To do this, pick up a pair of dumbbells with a minimum weight of 5 kilos. Stand feet together, dumbbells loosely held on your sides. Step sideways beginning with your right. Bend your right knee forward as you keep your left leg straight and bent sideways. Go back to the starting position and do the same to the other side.

2. Clean Squat

Clean Squat

Khloe has been sharing her booty exercise secrets online too, and this is one of them. Stand feet apart, knees slightly bent, upper body slightly forward. Lift a sand bag, the punching bag used in boxing, then quickly release, roll in and catch. As you perform this exercise, the alternating squatting and standing up shifts the weight to your butt.

3. Jump Squats

Jump Squats

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You can use a rope or simply draw two lines over a cemented walk using a chalk as a guide. Imagine a skipping rope where you have to move your feet in and out of the lines as you move from one end to the other. This workout strengthens all the hard to reach muscles in your lower body, including your glutes and hamstrings. As you jump forward and maintain balance at the same time, your weight shifts to your core and helps keep waist trimmed.

4. Side Lay Ups

Place a rope about the height of your waist. Hold a rubber ball. Begin with your right arm up, left leg up. Then, step your left leg side ways, your body under the rope without touching it, as you simultaneously transfer the ball to you left hand. Raise your left arm as you raise your right leg up. Repeat the same process to cross under the rope once again. Keep repeating. If you don’t have a rope or a ball, it’s not hard to imagine you do. What’s important is the form, the movement and the repetitions you make.

5. Side Arm Raises, Side Lunges

Side Lunges

Starting position is feet together, slightly apart, dumbbells loosely held on the sides. Raise your arms side ways then gently drop to the sides. Step your left leg to the side, keeping the other leg in place. Reach for your left leg with dumbbells on both arms. Step your left leg back to starting position. Raise arms. Do the same for the other side.

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Pick up your fitness and the booty will follow. For now, work, work, work, work, work (Sing it)!

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