After Years of Being Gracious Kim Kardashian lashes out on Paparazzi


Of late Kim has been in news for divorce with Kris Humphries. Here’s another can you think of her lashing on paparazzi for taking her photos?

She has always been gracious to the photographers; rarely met op she didn’t like or approve. She tweeted they threatened her life and continued to block shots. She didn’t let the pap’s get a pic of her and how dare they threaten her life and unborn child. She quoted “This has gotten way out of control”.

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian

The 32 year old “Keeping up with the Kardashians” star revealed that she was boxed with four cars. One car was in front and back and one on each side. They ensured she drive at their pace so they could snap her through the windows. This was really scary and how disgusting that these people could get off legally.

For years she had been gracious; but now she wasn’t willing to stalk her and smile for them. She wanted to enjoy the last month of her pregnancy without any threats. She didn’t want to be scary to leave home after this dangerous thing they threatened to do with her. She was anguished and wants to know what it would take for laws to prevent such behavior.

She kept up that that she lives a public life on reality show which is watched by entire world. She loves her life but when the cameras stop she too needs break. Currently an expectant mother she said that there’s no excuse for threats and stalking.

Kim’s privacy policy will be put to test after her daughter is born. Nowadays her privacy seems to be heavily influenced by her beau Kanye West. Although the start plans to keep her daughter off-camera there are many ways they still could monetize the birth!

Whatsoever, the question remains where to draw line between paparazzi doing their jobs and stalking public endangerment.

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