Kim Kardashian Left Behind in the US while Kanye West Attends Parish Fashion Week


Could Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s relationship be in hiatus? After Kanye West was spotted in Paris Fashion Week alone, speculations began to circulate in the celebrity world. The rumor mill is going in different directions. One, Kim was left in the Miami while taping a new show, and two, Kanye just wanted to make a good impression at the Paris Fashion Week as a designer and Kim might just blow his chances. Or could it be both?

A Lesson Learned?

Kim Kardashian Left Behind in the US while Kanye West Attends Parish Fashion Week

Another speculation would be that Kanye learned his lesson from New York Fashion Week he attended with his girlfriend. There were issues about Kim being snubbed by Anna Wintour and trying to befriend Stacy Keibler but Stacy was reprimanded by George Clooney. It seems Kim isn’t the best person to walk around with other Hollywood stars.

While these are all happening, many people are decoding Kanye West’s act of leaving behind Kim. Is he dumping her? Is he soul-searching for his new found love for designing? Kim also never failed to mention about getting wed in an island and wearing a white wedding gown to a photo shoot. Speculations branched to Kanye’s possible fear of a long-term commitment, contrary to what Kim desires.

Off to Paris Fashion Week Alone

According to the New York Daily Mail, Kanye never had the intention of bringing Kim Kardashian along to Paris Fashion Week. A so-called Kanye spy reported that Kim might not be good for his reputation. With the negative comments Kanye received from his two previous shows, he wants to make a good impression this time. Apparently, good impression depended whether Kanye brings Kim or not.

And to add to the confusion, before Kanye left for Paris, he deleted all his tweets, saving only one: be back soon.

With no explanation, Hollywood followers are left speculating what happened and where he’s going. When it’s been made clear that he’s attending the fashion show, people automatically thought Kim was going to be with him, after all, Kim is tagged as fashionable.

Kanye Probably Wants Out

Now people are not just looking into it as a case of exploring his newfound love for designing, he could also be sending messages that he wants out of the relationship. Apparently, a report leaked out that Kim and Kanye’s relationship is nothing but an orchestrated scheme, designed to shut off the issue on Kim’s failed relationship with former husband, Kris Humpries. Several reports also said that Kanye is already tired being Kim’s man.

Now this leaves Kim Kardashian in hot water, trotting the grey lines of being Kanye’s girlfriend, or Kanye’s girlfriend… no more. Whatever the real score is, it will soon surface. After all, Kim said she’s going to keep her relationship private this time, but she does the other way around.


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