Is Your Hair Thinning: Know The Reason Behind It


If you’ve been noticing unusual shedding, and at least one side of your head is starting to go bald, it is normal to be alarmed but, don’t this one slip without you finding out the reason why your hair is starting to thin.

Thinning hair can be caused by several factors ranging from bad habits to poor lifestyles to genetics and certain medical conditions. Therefore, it will be good for you to know what the root cause is for your falling hair.

8 Bad habits that are thinning away your hair

Let’s begin your initial hair investigation with a checklist of 8 bad habits that could be causing your hair to fall:

  • Towel drying hair by rubbing. Don’t rub. Instead, press towel gently against your hair. Hair is uber moist when wet and is prone to breakage, damage and fallout.
  • Blow drying. Only when you absolutely need to, blow dry your hair but put your dryer in cold setting only. On regular days, simply air dry your hair.
  • Using hot styling instruments. Skip the hair irons and hot curlers! Learn to love your locks and learn ways to better manage your natural hair structure.
  • Applying strong hold hair products. These products may be keeping your hairstyle throughout the day but, these also make your hairstrands brittle In addition, these leave residues that dry out your hair and scalp making you lose more hair.
  • Tightly pulling back hair. Let your hair down as often as possible.
  • Habitually scratching your head. Everytime you do, you cause damage to both your scalp and your hair roots. If you have dandruff, get a suitable medication to treat it. It will be best if you periodically use dandruff shampoo to maintain healthy, fungus-free scalp.
  • Skipping hair wash too often. It’s good not to wet hair all the time to let your natural oils out but, make it a point to wash your hair once every two days. These prevents dirt, dust, excess oil and product residues from building up on your scalp and hair strands which prevents nutrients from penetrating your hair follicles.
  • Leaving hair to soak under the sun. Sun is good for your health but, too much of it certainly bad for your skin and your hair. Whether it’s that time of the year to take a beach holiday or, you don’t have a choice but to catch some sun, put on some leave on conditioner to prevent hair from drying out. Make sure to wash your hair as much as possible too, to prevent product build up.

Health can be a reason too

Crash Dieting

Thinning hair may also be caused by poor lifestyles and certain medical problems:

  • Crash dieting and bad eating habits: Fad diets that deliberately make you miss out on certain food groups – carbs or protein or fats – are detrimental to your health. It can absolutely cause hair to fall off especially if your intake of protein, iron or Vitamin A are dramatically reduced. To enhance hair growth, reach for more protein, liver effs, sardines, salmon, avocados and walnuts.
  • Chronic stress: Cope better with stress by taking on a more positive attitude about daily stressful situations. Exercise, meditate and get more sleep as often as possible.
  • Fluctuating hormone levels: Aging, menopause or andropause, pregnancy, stress and thyroid problems can all cause hormonal imbalances that contribute to hair thinning out.
  • Certain medical conditions and side effect of some prescription medications. Medical conditions such as aloepecia areata, leukemia, scalp infections and skin disorders may all cause hair to unusually fall off in greater volumes. Maintenance drugs, including those used to treat heart problems, high blood pressure, birth control pills, anti-depressants and steroids may all result to falling hair.

Conclusion: Grow back your hair again

Some Remedies Grow Back Your Hair

Below are some remedies that should allow your hair to grow again:

  • Try periodically giving your hair and scalp a treat by massaging in essential oils like rose oil, jojoba oil or coconut oil. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse completely, as oil on scalp can create too much heat that contributes even more to hair loss.
  • Mind what you’re putting into your hair. For a start, read the labels and start your research. Products that contain alcohol generally make your hair brittle.
  • Take a more conscious effort to make sure you’re getting the right nourishment from your diet. Plan your diet and eat healthier.
  • Find more time to de-stress. Whether it’s exercising, a quick walk to the park or spending quality time with people you love, it’s never a waste of time – and, it’ll never only be good for your hair but for your overall health and well-being too.
  • If you suspect it’s your medication that’s causing your hair to fall, tell your physician about it and ask for an alternative.
  • When the problem is hereditary or requires drastic measures, consider getting yourself a hair growth treatment. Ask a dermatologist about all possible options but, know that these have side effects too and it is best for you to learn more before undergoing such procedures.

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