Know These 10 Things To Remove From Your Makeup Bag


With so many products in the market, with almost some new product craze almost every season, it’s so easy to make your makeup bag bulge. Other than keeping your makeup bag up-to-date or, made functional for the season, going through your makeup periodically also helps avoid bacteria or expired products from damaging your skin.

First things first: makeup carry expiration dates – yes, all of them! Carefully take note of when your beauty and makeup products are expiring to ensure you don’t end up unknowingly harming your own skin. Organic, all natural makeup, most especially those that do not contain parabens, the makeup preservatives, expire sooner. Make your organic makeup products last longer by keeping them in the fridge.

When you do get to find time to clean up your makeup bag, below are 10 things you should be looking for:

1. Old Foundations & Concealers

When your foundation begins to look different, both in color and texture, you know it’s time to let it go. Keeping the freshness and integrity of your foundations are especially important since you use these to cover the entire surface of your face and neck. Thus, an expired or untidily kept foundation can most definitely damage your skin. So, always be mindful not to dip your dirty sponges or fingers into your foundation to avoid spoiling the product.

2. Expired Sunscreens, Moisturizers &Other Face Creams

Same reason as with foundations above, it is extremely important to keep these products always new, always fresh and always clean.

3. Lumped & Dried Mascara

Your eyes are very delicate, and you should keep your eye products well-kept and clean all the time. When you see big chunks of lumps in your mascara, ditch it immediately. To avoid spoiling your mascara too soon, never over pump during use. By so doing, air from the surroundings filled with foreign bodies enter your tube and soon enough, your mascara becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Keep your mascara brush clean by washing it under running water and soaking in lukewarm water to separate the lumps from the brush.

4. Dirty Makeup Sponges

Dirty Makeup Sponges

Ideally, you should use a new makeup sponge everytime you put on makeup. If this is not feasible and to save money from having to buy sponges all the time, you may always brush it. Sponges are used to blend in wet makeup products, and you know that where it is damped, that’s the best place for bacteria and other microorganisms to grow and multiply — you don’t want them on your skin.

5. Overused Brushes

Like sponges, brushes must be washed regularly. When you see your brushes begin to loosen up or change its shape, that’s when you should be investing on a new set of brushes again.

6. Oily Tubes Of Makeup Products

When you begin to see sticky oil outside your lipstick tubes or cream liners, it’s time to throw them in the trash. The reason for those oils finding their way out of the container is because the product’s formulation has begun to separate and is no longer stable. You will only hurt your lips and skin if you keep using these.

7. Broken Lipsticks

Even if it was in your favorite shade and you have a lip brush anyway, time to let go of your broken lipsticks. Not only are these adding up to the mess in your bag but also, breaking can be a sign that the product is beginning to become unstable and thus is melting.

8. Loose, Uncovered, And Overly Shortened Eye Pencils & Lip Liners

Bacteria can easily grow in loose and uncovered makeup pencils. In fact, you should always sharpen your eye pencils and lip liners everytime you use them to ensure that you’re not spreading bacteria into your eyes and lips. When you see uber short makeup pencils, you know it’s time to get replacements.

9. Messy Powder Makeups

Whether it’s a base makeup, powder foundation, bronzer or eye shadow, it can be super challenging to keep powdered makeup that are broken as these can be messy. If you know you haven’t had your broken product for a long time, you may keep using it but, leave it at home and do not ever bring it with you if you don’t want to spread color over your other makeup products or worse, your favorite and expensive purse and bags.

10. Oozing Lotions & Makeup Tubes

Oozing Lotions and Makeup Tubes

Things can get pretty messy and sticky when you’re keeping these oozing face lotions and makeup tubes. There can be three reasons why the products are oozing out of their respective containers the product container has been poorly manufactured, you’ve left your products inside the car on a very sunny and very hot day or, your products have started to disintegrate. Whichever the case may be, there is only one solution: throw products in such condition in the waste bin.


Beauty begins with cleanliness. Cleanliness is your responsibility to your skin. If you desire a flawless complexion, keeping the products in your makeup bag in check is just as important as choosing only the right products with the right ingredients to get into contact with your skin.


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