Kylie Jenner Style Tips: 4 Style Statements That Makes Kylie Unique


Kylie Jenner’s “Kylie Cosmetics” has been consistently selling out and getting the nod of consumers and makeup gurus alike. From the moment Kylie put her heart and blood into her lip kits, her success has become phenomenal! This 19 year old, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, is making a mark as an entrepreneur but, even before that, she has been the young celeb this generation has had a love-hate relationship with.

One of the reasons why Kylie is so famous – 83.7 million followers on Instagram, baby! — is her controversial family. Undoubtedly, her sound and stylish fashion sense is also one reason why people love watching her get dressed (undressed in some).

Here are 4 style statements that make Kylie, well, uniquely Kylie:

1. Sexy And Voluptuous

Sexy And Voluptuous

You’ll never see Kylie dressed up under layers upon layers of clothing. There will almost always be a bottom pair of jeans or a skirt that seriously shows off her round buttocks, curvaceous hips, and trimmed waistline. There is no shortage of curves whether she is wearing her joggers or, shorts or miniskirt.

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2. Boobie Trapped

Boobie Trapped

Kylie generously shows plenty of boobie skin. She’s been rockin’ plenty of body contour (bodycon) dresses that hug every possible inch of her into a super tight fit. The almost always dangerously low neckline showcases a pair of breasts which most women would envy and most men would desire, seriously.

3. Daring And Out Of The Ordinary

Daring And Out Of The Ordinary

Kylie was quoted as saying once, “I never thought I was normal, never tried to be normal”. That same attitude reflects on her fashion statements and unique style. You can count on Kylie to be daring and to take risks. Whether she is on the red carpet or brisk walking on the streets, you can count on Kylie to draw people’s gazes just because she is wearing something different nobody else will dare to wear. Kendall may be the supermodel but, people watch Kylie for what’s hot and what’s not.

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4. She’s Betty Boop In The Flesh

Betty Boop In The Flesh

She is every bit the real life reincarnate of this well-loved cartoon character. Kylie will often be spotted wearing extremely skimpy dresses that will make any onlooker feel afraid she might suffer from a wardrobe malfunction that’ll make a boob pop anytime. Surprisingly or not, she gets her fashion sense right almost every time. If you haven’t already viewed her Instagram account, she likes posting photos of her scantily dressed too whether she’s outdoors or inside the bathroom.


“being yourself is the best way to have someone fall in love with you,” Kylie once said. Love her or hate her, she is only being true to herself and being nobody else than who she really is. That’s why the world has grown obsessed with her, her style, her cosmetics line and everything else that has got something to do with Kylie. Outside of that Kardashian-Jenner branding, she has definitely etched a name for herself — no doubt about that.

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