Dupes For Kylie’s Kyshadow that are must have Products in your Kitty


You’ve heard about what happened with the sold out lip kits that were resold on secondary markets or, haven’t you? Those US$29 matte lipsticks sold out and people were still buying on eBay for US$200! So, even with a promising commitment from King K that her sold out Kyshadow will be available in a week’s time, you will need the force of an entire universe to get hold of her “The Bronze Palette”. It consists of 9 hues total — 7 in matte finish ( Jasper, Topaz, Citrine, Tiger Eye, Hematite, Bronze and Onyx) except for two, Quartz and Goldstone.

With two sold out lip product launches to date, just months apart from each other, where else would King K take Kylie Cosmetics next? — Well, to the next level, of course! In late July, Kylie Jenner’s Kyshadow was launched and, as most people already expected, the first palette from Kylie sold out in just a matter of minutes!

Dupes that Look no different from the real thing

Even when you can’t get your hands on the real thing, eye shadows are not a new cosmetic rave, and yeah, almost any possible color you can think of has probably been developed and folded into an eye shadow palette too.

Check out these 3 eye shadow palettes that will make you happy you got for yourself:

1. MAC 4 Pillars: Eye Shadow x 4, US$33

MAC 4 Pillars

If you’ve been following King K, you know how in love she is with MAC Cosmetics. The philosophy embedded in this four-hue palette, in fact, is reflected in the Kyshadow, both in terms of color selection and product texture. This palette consists of the following shades:

  • Mother’s Milk: Soft matte beige (Satin)
  • Sandstone: Soft matte taupe (Matte)
  • Mystery: Muted plum brown (VLXP)
  • Carbon: Intense Black (Matte)

2. MAC Nordstrom C’est Chic, US$65. Get more colors than you can get from Kylie Jenner’s Kyshadow with this MAC exclusive with Nordstrom, with 15 matte shades ranging from nudes all the way to Onyx.

3. Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette, US$50

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette

With 9 palettes to choose from, each with four colors in the size perfect for your pouch, there certainly one to satisfy your taste. The one that stand out are “The Sophisticate” and “Fallen Angel”.

4. NARSissist Matte / Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette, US$65. This will take you throughout your activities from morning to late night. It consists of an 8-shade combination of matte and satin finish eye color, with mostly shades of nude and brown, and one each of grey, blue and black.

5. Too Faced Natural Matte, US$36

Too Faced Natural Matte

Nine matte shades to match every look you got from break of day to the break of dawn. Find nude and warm shades, all the way to a dark brown and dark purple shades.

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To get any look right, it takes more than just the product for it to work. Use any of these 5 palettes and still get the signature eyes of Kylie with some practice.

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