Kylie Jenner Reveals to Move In With Her Boyfriend Tyga


Kylie Jenner is soon turning 18, and for her birthday present from Tyga, she wants nothing less than an engagement ring! Kylie revealed during an interview that she will move out and live on her own once she hits 18. What many people asked is whether she would be on her own or she was planning to move in with her boyfriend, Tyga.

Kylie revealed the exact date when she’ll make that leap and where she’s going to live. During the interview, Kylie opened up about many issues of her life including her make-up free selfies. What she didn’t mention was whether she plans to move in with Tyga. But sources close to her revealed that she and Tyga plan to live together after her next birthday.

“Kylie and Tyga are trying to do everything politically correct before she turns 18. But you can be sure as soon as it’s her birthday she and Tyga will move in together officially.”

Kylie wants an engagement ring on her 18th birthday. Kylie would have loved to get engaged immediately, but she has to wait until her 18th birthday because that’s what Tyga wants. It will be a long wait for her, but it will come to pass.

Any Plans?

Kylie is thinking of having a family of her own. While she is not planning for kids just yet, she is ready to have her independence. “I’m ready to live on my own,” she reveals.

“When I look to the far future and decide to have kids, I need to have a million girls,” she shares. “Ten years from now, in 2025, I hope I have a kid.”

Kylie wants daughters because of the special bond she has with her four sisters. “Having sisters is the best. I have a different relationship with each of them,” she says. “I go to Kim for fashion advice; Kourtney is like another mother to me, and Khloe is always boy and family help.”

She also admits that growing up in the public eye hasn’t always been the easiest. “I feel like I’ve heard the worst anyone can say about me over and over every day,” she says.

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