Lady Gaga’s Sexy Killer Abs Workout


Lady Gaga’s personal trainer Harley Pasternak shared the 6 exercises that help Lady Gaga to achieve such a flat abs and in shape. Try her total body fitness routine created by her personal trainer to get sexy flat abs and great body.

Lady GagaLady Gaga

Bicycle Crunch:

Lady Gaga’s trainer Harley Pasternak says that he made Lady Gaga to do bicycle crunches because the exercise helps her abs from every direction. The key point to notice is that Gaga is known to do six sets of 20.

Ab Rotations:

Ab rotations, also known as seated Russian twists, are great for taking care of pesky love handles.To increase the difficulty of this move, Harley has made Lady Gaga to hold a five pound medicine ball or dumbbell at chest height.

Bicycle CrunchAb Rotations

Reverse Crunch and Double Crunch:

One particular key to Lady Gaga’s fantastic abs is the exercise sequence she follows. Harley begins her on a basic crunch and changes that into reverse crunches, ending with a double crunch.

Skater Lunge:

Harley reveals that getting a great rear end was another priority for Gaga. Harley has made Lady Gaga to do six sets of 20 which helps to maintain firm butt and thighs and flat belly.

Reverse Crunch and Double CrunchSkater Lunge

Dumbbell Side Bends:

Harley says that dumbbell side bends really are a favorite of Lady Gaga’s because it helps to keep the singer’s love handles tight. Dumbbell side bends can also be an excellent alternative to sit-ups; just be sure you avoid the typical mistakes related with side bends.

Cardio Circuits:

All the crunches in the world won’t get you a flat belly, which is something Harley Pasternak knows nicely. To show off stunning abs, you first need to get rid of any belly fat. Harley made Lady Gaga to do a 25-minute cardio circuit five times every week. A combination of the above ab workouts, high-intensity cardio, and power training moves, it is an assured way to burn off stomach fat.

Dumbbell Side BendsCardio Circuits

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