Latest Makeup Trends for Spring Summer 2013


If you are sensitive to makeup then you will be glad with the new makeup trends that are reshaping spring summer 2012. Therefore it is advisable to take a sneak preview on the latest offerings.

Make up trends go hand in hand with fashion trends because makeup’s directly assists in complementing the appearances of various outfits. Therefore keeping in touch with modern makeup trends is more or less as being in touch with fashion. By being diverse and innovative in your personal make up endeavors, will re likely to portray your visual appearances that will keep on surprising your friends. Fashion trends have been completely transformed in spring summer 2012 which requires you to go for makeup’s and looks that suit your personality together with style.

Going for proper makeup colors and adapting to the makeup style that suits your facial appearances is advisable if you are aspiring to enhance your natural beauty. Therefore in order to easily match up your makeup in line with spring summer 2012 wardrobes level, you need to exactly know the items that you should bring in and the ones that you should also get rid of in that same wardrobe. We have managed to compile some popular makeup trends for the summer spring 2012; therefore it is advisable to take a sneak preview at some of the hot looks below.

Bold Lips

Bold LipsBold Lips

There are various color shades that can be used to enhance your lips sexy appearances. These include, hot pink, orange and red. You should also try and maintain your naturalist’s appearance by developing a flawless look through foundation and at the same time emphasizing the aesthetics of your eyelashes by using black colored mascara. In case you will be using eyeliner, you may go for white eyeliner pencils that will be applied during daytime and black eyeliners for the evenings.

Natural Makeup

Natural MakeupNatural Makeup

Natural looks tend to be very attractive all season round and it does not require a lot of effort to have a fabulous appearance. You may use concealer and makeup’s to have a flawless looking skin, leave your lips bare, use some subtle, apply natural looking lipsticks, or you can also use mascara on the eyelashes. These will ensure that the value of your natural beauty is enhanced with minimal effort and these techniques are suitable for women in different age group it’s no wonder they are very popular.

Bright Eye makeup

Bright Eye makeupBright Eye makeup

Giving specific attention to the eyes is a great idea especially in the evenings and if you are blessed with some gorgeous shaped eyes, using bold eye shadow colors such as blue, green, pink, and orange is likely to enhance your eyes aesthetics and subsequently attract a lot of attention on to your face. However, you should bear in mind that with such type of makeup, you require a flawless skin which can be created using a foundation and a concealer.

gorgeous shaped eyesgorgeous shaped eyes

You may use a bright colored eye shadow, you can also use black eyeliner near the upper lash line and the eyelashes can be coated by using black colored mascara. The lips may be left bare or enhanced by using red colored lipsticks.

Smokey Eye Makeup’s

Smokey Eye Makeup'sSmokey Eye Makeup's

These rarely lose their beauty whereby the process of establishing them is not difficult at all. With some little practice it is very easy to master techniques used in creating Smokey eye makeup. In order to have a trendy and stylish appearance, it is recommended to use either black & gray, or dark blue so that the appearance of your eyes is completely enhanced.


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