Lavelier Advanced Marine Bio Syringe Review – Is It Safe & Legit?

By - Updated May 29, 2021
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What is Lavelier Advanced Marine Bio Syringe?

Lavelier Advanced Marine Bio Syringe is an anti-aging serum that you apply directly to your wrinkles and expression lines. It reduces the appearance of these lines, giving you a more youthful appearance.

It functions by limiting your facial expressions neurologically, so the lines are less visible. This is a serum that uses completely organic ingredients.

Lavelier Advanced Marine Bio Syringe

Who is the Manufacturer of Lavelier Advanced Marine Bio Syringe?

This product was manufactured by a company called Lavelier, which was founded in March of 2019 in Lone Tree, Colorado. This is a skincare brand that is based around one key organic ingredient, corallina officinalis (red coral seaweed).

The company uses this ingredient as a base to address a number of skincare and anti-aging issues.

What are the active ingredients used in Lavelier Advanced Marine Bio Syringe?

There are a number of active ingredients in this serum.

These are 3 of the most relevant:

  • Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 – This is a peptide made up of 6 amino acids, and it’s also called argireline. This is a fragment of SNAP-25, which is a substrate of botulism. It prevents the neurotransmitters from allowing too much facial movement. This reduction in facial expressions makes wrinkles less visible. Research has found this substance quite safe for use on the skin.
  • Dimethylaminoethanol tartrate (DMAE) – This is a precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. It causes facial muscles to contract, which makes the skin firmer and tighter. Apparently, these results do not last long term, and may even damage the skin. According to the National Library of Medicine, it can give aging skin a much fuller appearance.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – This is a humectant, that has the ability to draw a tremendous amount of water. This makes it an excellent moisturizer, and an efficient anti-aging substance. It plumps up the skin, smoothing out wrinkles and expression lines. Research indicates that it’s an important molecule in skin aging.

How Does Lavelier Advanced Marine Bio Syringe Work?

One process at work it the deep hydration of the cells, which plumps up the skin and smooths out wrinkles and lines on the face.

In addition to that, this product contains ingredients that get the neurotransmitters under the skin to limit facial expressions. This makes expression lines and wrinkles much less visible.

What are the advantages of using Lavelier Advanced Marine Bio Syringe?

  • Can erase wrinkles and expression lines on the face.
  • The product can give you smooth, younger-looking skin.
  • This serum is cruelty-free, as it’s not tested on animals.

What are the Disadvantages of Lavelier Advanced Marine Bio Syringe?

  • This product is unreasonably expensive for a small tube.
  • Xanthan Gum may cause intestinal discomfort.
  • You can only dispense the product a few drops at a time.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost of Lavelier Advanced Marine Bio Syringe?

A: You can purchase this product from the manufacturer’s official website for $995. The product is listed on one third party website, but it says that the product is unavailable at the present time.

Q: Who should use this product?

A: This is an anti-aging product meant for people who have developed wrinkles, fine lines, or expression lines that they want to erase.

Q: Are there any side-effects associated with using this product?

A: Some people are sensitive to hyaluronic acid and may develop a rash. Otherwise, it’s always possible that you could be sensitive to an ingredient. If you do have a reaction, stop using the product immediately. It’s a good idea to show the product to your dermatologist before you begin a regimen.

Q: How should you use this cream?

A: Take the tube and squeeze the serum directly onto the wrinkles and lines that you want to erase. Take a cotton ball and get rid of the excess solution. Keep your face still for at least 2 minutes, while the solution is drying. The manufacturer recommends that you use the product once a week.

Q: Can you return this product easily?

A: The company doesn’t offer refunds, but if you’re dissatisfied with the product you can exchange it for something of the same amount. You must let the company know within 30 days of the original purchase and send the receipt and product back undamaged.


This product got far more negative than positive reviews. Besides the obvious point that this product is incredibly expensive, some customers did get a reaction of a rash or peeling skin.

Others complained that they were roped into purchasing this product in a mall, and when it didn’t work, they weren’t able to return it. Customers also mentioned that they didn’t like the way the product felt on their skin.

Remember that if you do have a reaction to this product, you should stop using it immediately. If you see a dermatologist, take the product to your doctor before you begin using it to get approval.

As we age the composition, texture and appearance of our skin changes. Signs of skin aging include wrinkles, fine lines, loss of moisture, uneven tone, and dull, tired-looking skin. There are countless anti-wrinkle creams on the market promising to make skin look and feel younger. Many anti-wrinkle creams promise everything short of a facelift or to provide the much sought after "fountain of youth". In reality most are just moisturizers marketed as anti-aging products.

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Lavelier Advanced Marine Bio Syringe Review – Is It Safe & Legit?
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  1. Judy

    Your Rating:

    Nope, not for me...I earned every wrinkle I own!
    A man was offering a sample of what looked like an uncooked French fry. Then, I went in and the lady said to use the good stuff. It set my face on fire! He then tried to remove it and said it was because I was sweaty. I left.
  2. Kristen

    Your Rating:

    Great for fine lines
    I had prominent smile lines and wrinkles near my eyes. Ever since I started using Lavelier’s Advanced Marine Bio Syringe, those prominent lines started fading into clear skin. 1 or 2 small pumps from this syringe are enough to cover my wrinkles and smile lines. I’ve been using this product for over 5 months and I’m happy with the results, it’s worth buying.
  3. Lisa

    Your Rating:

    Buyer Beware! Run
    Same experience as Samantha about! Fast-talking sales rep got me! I started trying to cancel my purchase within 30 minutes of swiping my card and their ‘NO RETURNS!’ policy held up. Biggest waste of money I’ve ever experienced. I wanted to give this NO STARS but this website wouldn’t allow that.
  4. Samantha

    Your Rating:

    This product is a waste of money
    Been using for 3 months, I have seen no changes, waist if money. I bought this in Colorado. I spent way too much on it and felt scammed. They said this was a miracle product. Offered me a free facial that was not a facial product At all, instead, they tried to sell me a gadget thAt would free my skin if all lines and wrinkles! Ha 🙁

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