Learn how to Fling your Relationship

By Rachel Barton

Learn how to Fling your Relationship

If you are constantly dreaming of long term love with your latest hook up, then there are ways to make him a keeper. It is not always easy to turn a fling into a relationship. Check out our guide for tips on how to take a fling to the next level.

Try Not To Rush Things

Scaring him off is something you do not want to do by rushing things. So before you go asking him to have dinner with your parents, think of less straightforward ways to show your interest in a long term relationship. Rushing things and putting him on the spot may very well backfire and cause him to turn the other way.

Introduce Him To Your Friends

Introducing him your love interest to your friends is a important step to take if you want to turn your hookup into a relationship. In addition, If he is comfortable with your friends, then it is a good sign that your hookup has relationship potential. It is also good that you show this other “side” of your personality.

Go On A Date

Flings and Hookups are usually less about the stimulating conversations, and more about the stimulating sex. Therefore if you are planning on turning your hookup into a relationship, then going on a date is a good step to take. Start small and by having a relaxing and fun date at the movies, at a live concert, or at a local pub. If these dates go well, then you can move on to longer dates. Either way, meeting up not just in your bedroom can do wonders in improving a relationship.

Boost your Bonds

How much do you really now about your fling? In order to boost your bonds, you should find out more about him such as what he likes and dislikes, what music he listens to, find out about his past etc. To move from the fling stage to a relationship, you must ask questions about his life, his fears and desires, his goals and then do some sharing yourself. The more you know about each other the more you will grow closer and create deeper bonds with each other.

Boost your Bonds

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