Learn How To Remove Tan Naturally!


Removing your tan doesn’t have to be difficult. You can get rid of you tan skin easily and with all natural ingredients, which is important for many people who want to make sure that the products that they use on their body are safe and gentle. You may want to remove your tan because you prefer fair skin or your current tan may be patchy and uneven because it is starting to fade and you want to start all over again. Whatever the reason is we are giving you the inside scoop on effective, natural ways to banish you tan!

Apply a Lemon Juice and Aloe Vera to the Skin Mask

This will help you soothe your skin as well as remove your tan. All you have to do is mix lemon juice with aloe gel in a small bowl. Once you have mixed them together apply the mixture anywhere on your body where you want to remove the tan. However, if you have any open cuts on your skin you should steer clear of this recipe as the lemon juice will sting.

The lemon juice is the main ingredient in this mixture because it is a natural exfoliator. The natural sugar in the lemon juice helps get rid of damaged skin cells and the citric acid that lemon juice is packed with will lighten dark spots on your skin.

The aloe vera is also very important. When you are removing your tan you should make sure that you are not damaging the skin. The leaves from aloe vera plants have a gel like substance that has the ability to soothe and speed up the healing process of the skin. Many people use this substance on cuts, and wounds. It is particularly useful for burned skin.

Make a Gram Flour Paste

This is another super easy recipe that only calls for two ingredients, gram flour and water. You mix the gram flour with a little bit of water to create a paste that you will apply to the body. Make sure that you have more gram flour than water in the mixture because you want the paste to be thick.

Gram flour is an excellent natural remedy for tan skin. This flour is made of ground chickpeas and is very popular in many Eastern countries and cuisines. Aside from cooking it is great for the skin because it has the ability to naturally whiten the skin.

Create a Milk, Oatmeal and Honey Scrub

Honey Scrub

One awesome way of removing tan from the skin is to exfoliate the skin. This process of exfoliation will help to remove the tanned skin cells from the surface of the skin and reveal unblemished skin cells. The best thing about scrubs is that they are very easy to make with a few natural ingredients.

For this scrub we are going to combine milk, oatmeal, and a little bit of raw honey. You should have equal parts milk and oatmeal, but only add a small portion of honey and you don’t want the mixture to become too sticky. After you combine these ingredients in a small bowl, scoop a handful of your scrub into your hands and rub it in circular motions on your body while you are in the shower.

The milk in this mixture is a natural skin whitener thanks to the lactic acid that milk is fortified with. The oatmeal is natural exfoliator thanks to its rough texture, and it also soothes the skin. The honey improves the radiance of your skin and it is also a natural decontaminant.

Wait it out

The final method is one that will happen gradually but is effective. You can always choose to just wait it out and let your skin shed the tan on its own. Our skin has a natural process of cell renewal. New cells are constantly being grown and pushed up to the skin’s surface. The last step of this process is shedding off the old skin cells after the new cells have been pushed to the surface.

If you tan in the sun, the sun’s rays alter the pigment of your skin cells. If you fake tan you are putting on a solution that causes a chemical reaction with compounds that naturally occur in skin cells and the reaction causes the skin to darken. In both cases the change occurs to skin cells in the top layer of the skin that will gradually shed from the skin. This is why you constantly have to tan to keep the skin dark. While the other methods that we have discussed can speed up this process you can always choose to let the natural process of your body do the work for you.

In Conclusion

Naturally Remove a Tan

As we have listed above, there are many ways to naturally remove a tan from your skin. You can make a mask, a paste, a natural exfoliator, or just let your skin cells renew themselves. These methods are gentle, effective, and they are safe for all skin types including sensitive skin. You can also find all of the ingredients easily in grocery stores or health food stores.


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