Keeping These 8 Things in Your Purse Could Probably Save Your Life


Ladies, we know you love your purse. Did you ever consider that your purse, whether expensive or inexpensive, may carry the things that you may need to save your life or somebody else’s?

Be prepared for those “just in case” moments by keeping these 8 things inside your bag at all times:

1. Lighter


Fire did not start permanent settlements and human civilizations by chance. Fire gave humans warmth during the colder months, nightly security from wild animals and a means to cook food and be able to store these over a longer period of time.

2. Nimbles: Never have to go hungry. When you, a company or stranger collapses or suddenly feels weakness on the knees, it is usually a sign of sugar dropping drastically. A candy or biscuit in your purse can save the day.

3. Flashlight


Sudden emergencies catch people by surprise, and cause panic most especially when natural disasters like typhoons and earthquakes happen in the dark. On a more regular day, a flashlight can help you get through a dark alley.

4. Water: A small bottle is all you need. Dizziness, nausea, heart attack and high blood pressure can all use water to rehydrate the body and calm it down. On any non-emergency situation, water can simply keep you dehydrated and cooled off, preventing an emergency even before dehydration begins.

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5. Pen:


Choose a good quality pen to keep inside your bag. It should not easily break for you to be able to use it for self-defense or, to strike open a bag or punch a hole. Make sure it also has ink. You can use it to leave messages or traces in case of abduction so that you can be found.

6. Mini Sewing Kit: This pack carries three of the most vital things you may need during an emergency: needle, thread and a tiny pair of scissors. Other than for stitching cuts in case healthcare facilities are too far away, a needle can save the life of a person suffering from high blood or heart attack. Sterilize the needle with alcohol then prick the fingertips just enough to let blood droplets out. This eases the blood pressure and prevents capilliaries from bursting.

7. Mini First Aid Kit:

Mini First Aid Kit

Carry around a mini first aid kit with you because you don’t know when you just might need any of the stuff inside it. Make sure that your pill list contains any maintenance drug that you are using. Always keep several pieces of pills for pain and diarrhea. Add in band-aids and a small bottle of alcohol.

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8. Mobile Phone & Charger: Always make sure you have a way of calling for emergency services. You should have all important emergency numbers stored in your phone for easy retrieval.


Turn your purse into a lifesaving stash. If you have to choose between your makeup and the 8 things on this list, your choice is obvious.

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