Lindsay Sues Pitbull

Lindsay LohanPitbull

Lohan is suing Pitbull and also his song writers Ne-Yo and Afrojack for making use of her name as part of his track “Give Me Everything,” under NY civil rights laws that takes care of people from having their name abused for commercial gain. On the other side, Pitbull recently extended a sort of olive branch to Lohan a invite to VMA’s this year(2012) where he’ll be performing ‘Give Me Everything”. Lindsay is yet to publicly accept this olive branch extended towards her as a sort of apology.

Lindsay LohanPitbull

On being asked about Lindsay by MTV, Pitbull responded “As far as the whole Lindsay Lohan situation, it’s real simple: I’m actually surprised and, in an ironic way, kind of honored. The record, if you listen to it from beginning to end, [is a] very positive record. I start off even talking about my own life,” he said. “So in no way, shape or form am I here to defame, degrade or hurt anybody. It was my way of showing love or helping out, I would think. “But either [way], I said, ‘You know what? Performing it at the VMAs, [I] would like to invite her out. And anybody who knows my reputation [knows I] don’t do no publicity stunts. I’m not really about none of that. … So I said it, I meant it, and if she takes it, great. If she doesn’t, cool. But she will have her tickets at will call.

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