Lip Art is the New Trend to Follow


If you enjoy putting on makeup then this new trend in lip staining and styling is perfect for you. However, if you’re not that comfortable with makeup and are not confident with your makeup application skills, you may have a harder time following this trend because this new ‘in’ stuff in makeup is not for the faint of heart.

In case you enjoyed nail art, this Lip Art works kind of in the same way except, you won’t be playing around with nail lacquers but with lipsticks, and perhaps a lot of mixing with balms and eye shadows and illuminators and what not. The glitters, rhinestones, sprinkles, maybe even feathers are still going to be there like they were on your nails. The canvas spells a huge difference. This new creative outlet is bound only by the limits of your own imagination.

Lip Art: Where To Start?

The first step is to let your imagination fly. The next step is to let your creativity help you realize how you’ve imagined your Lip Art to be. Just as in nail art, differently sized makeup brushes, and maybe even some art brushes, will prove useful in creating different designs for your lips. Make the color and texture happen by using different ingredients that may include your eye shadows and other cosmetic products in the mix, or perhaps even things you would usually pick up from a craft store.

As you are just starting out with lip art, a design printed right off the Internet should prove useful in determining your lip designs and color. You’ll be lucky to find a quick how-to that goes with your lip design photo too. Give it a little bit of tweak here and there to make it unique and made specially for your pout.

5 Ways to Give Your Lips A Kiss of Art

Stay fab and fashion savvy with these five tips on how you can get started on Lip Art.

Design No. 1: Gradient Lips. Once you’re done with this design, your lips will end up looking like a finely executed art on Photoshop. Your normally dark colored lipsticks like plum, deep burgundy red, and even black are perfect for this gradient styled lips. Simply combine 3 shades of the same color to create this look.

Gradient Lips

Start by lining the outer corners of your lips with the darkest shade. Follow through inwards with the medium shade. Fill in the inner or central part of your lips with the lightest shade in the gradient.

If you dare enough, you can do this with brightly colored stains too like sea green or aquamarine colors. Mix in an eyeshadow in bold color with lip balm to get the lip stain color you desire. Line your lips with a concealer to achieve a matte finish.

Design No. 2: Glittered Lips. If you are not quite ready to go all out on lip art yet, just getting in some boldly sized glitters on your lips should do it for now. Simply combine a lip color of your choice with glitters. Top it with lip shiner for added brilliance and protection.

Design No. 3: Dramatic accents. If you feel quite ready to go beyond glitters, reach for those rhinestones, sequins and sprinkles. After dabbing on a lip color of your choice, work out a nice pattern in and around your lips for accent. Using eyelash glue, set your accents into place and keep them there.

Once you have gained more experience with using accents, combine it with bold lip designs, patterns and drawings to attract attention on certain parts of your lips

Design No. 4: Glow in the dark. Heading out for a rave party? Dropby the artsy shop for a pack of glow powder. Mix the powder straight on with a waxy, colorless lip balm. Cover your lips with concealer before applying your glow in the dark lip stain. Place the remainder of your lip stain mixture in a tiny jar so you’ll have some with you in the likely case that you will need a quick retouch. To add more fun, mix up more glow in the dark colors separately and draw up patterns or distinct designs over your base glow in the dark color. Turn off the lights and turn on the excitement!

Glow in the dark lips

Design No. 5: Metallic lips. If fashion forward is what you’re after but you want more sophistication than child’s play, reach for metallic lip stains. True blue, blue green, fuschia, gold, bronze and silver should all work up a nice metallic stain for your lips. Design lips with a dark colored base coat and use the gold, silver and bronze stains for accent.


Lip Art takes lip coloring to a whole new level. More than anything, cosmetics are providing more avenues for people to express themselves. Lip Art is quickly proving to be an exciting development in cosmetics. Now, makeup is no longer just a beauty must-have, it’s also largely becoming a priceless work of art. And, since it’s an art, let others make their own interpretation of your design and let them be.


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