Complete Lip Color Guide For This Winter


Lip color is never out of fashion. The colors are always trendy and shades are always a-plenty, that if there was one part of your makeup routine that you can tweak very easily so that you can change your look in an instant, it’s your lip color. Color it red or nude or black or light, your lips set your mood and the behavior of others towards you as well.

Should you wear matte or shimmery lipstick? Should you put on a dark or light shade? These days, fashion is so fast and so forward that there is really no need for you to take these questions into consideration. However, whichever way you want your lips to go, just go dare and take it there!

Prepping Up Your Lips

Before putting on any lip color, your pout needs a bit of preparation too for you to achieve that flattering pucker.

Start by exfoliating your lips. You will find several products in the market that will help you exfoliate your lips but, there is probably no product more easily available, practical and works just as well as going all natural for lip exfoliation.

Apply Sugar on Lips

Wash your lips. Take a spoonful of unrefined sugar. Using your fingers, apply the sugar on both your upper and lower lips. Massage the sugar gently, with small circular motions covering your entire upper and lower lips. The roughness of the sugar rubbed against your lips helps lift and eliminate dead skin cells. Next, rinse off the sugar and apply honey. Honey is a natural humectant and will provide your lips with extra moisturizing. Leave it on for a few minutes then rinse off completely with lukewarm water to take the stickiness off but, end with cold water.

Use a colorless lip moisturizer and let it seep in before putting on your lip color.

This Season’s Top Lip Colors

Lip color is an excellent way to bring your look from day to night, as well as from ordinary to holiday party! Honesty, any lip color works well for anybody of any skin color this winter. Whenever you feel like shimmer, use shimmer. Whenever you feel like matte, put on the matte. The better question to ask yourself is, ‘What color do I feel like wearing today?’

Colors say a lot about your personality. Colors convey your moods and feelings too. So, for your ultimate comfort and convenience, use the lip color that you feel is right for you.

Below is a lip color guide to match your moods this Winter:

  • Winter Sweetheart. Feel girly and spring lovely regardless if it’s the middle of winter and snow storms are common. Bring the life synonymous to Spring by choosing pinks and peaches. Play up your innocence and ladylike personality with light pink. Play up your feminine side with a hint of cheerfulness with a peachy shade or light, dull orange color. Attract people’s admiration, take their breaths away and be the ultimate Winter Sweetheart by putting on this shade.
  • Apply Light LIp Color
  • Winter Chill. Put on the confidence and the freewheeling aura of nude lipsticks. Chill and relax in the midst of the whirring sounds and sad scenes of winter. Dictate the vibe whether your indoors or outdoors with the quiet but certain confidence that light browns bring to your lips. Be easy and laid back by putting on nudes that convey Winter Chill. Keep in mind to wear nude tints that are either, at least, a shade or two lighter or darker than your natural skin complexion.
  • Winter Date. Steal the spotlight and wake up people’s sleepy winter senses by looking red hot despite the winter cold in red lipstick. Be the dream Winter Date of your man by putting on red lipstick in brick, rogue or deep burgundy shades. Bring extreme hotness and vent off some steam into the cold room by simply putting on red. Red is definitely in fashion as it has seen a revival in this season’s best of the best runway shows. The great thing about daring red is that it perfectly flatters all women regardless of skin color.
  • Winter Dare. Reserved for the daring and the futuristic, metallic and neon shades in Winter will most definitely put the spotlight on you. Make a stunning entrance and a “here to stay” statement when you party the winter holiday nights away in metallic and neon shades. Just as you are, these daring lip colors are here to stay!
  • Apply Black Lipstick
  • Winter Twilight. Play up your dark side with black lipstick. Put on a ton of attitude and character by daring to wear black on your lips. Play up some mystery to arouse people’s curiosity towards you and leave them wanting to get to know you more. Wear the season’s colors in Winter Twilight.


When it comes to lip color, it really doesn’t matter if you’re black or white or, if you have brownish or yellowish complexion. What’s more important is that you’re wearing the color that suits you and flatters you best – and, that is reflective of your mood and is within your comfort zone.


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