Lip Fusion XL – Plump Up Your Lips Overnight


There are all kinds of injections and cosmetic procedures that can increase your lip volume, but many of them are inexpensive, invasive, and require a recovery time. Lip Fusion XL is a personal use product that can provide results close to that of lip injections and procedures, but can be done overnight in the convenience of your own home. It can be purchased directly from Lip Fusion or at a beauty or makeup store, making it a solution for almost anyone. Lip Fusion XL is a gloss you apply to your lips before bed and you can wake up with a sexier smile in the morning.

Lip Fusion XL is spearmint flavored lip gloss that works as a lip therapy over night. The micro injected collagen is the same ingredient that is injected directly into the lips, but it has twice as much and it is absorbed through the skin of your lips. It also contains hyaluronic acid which helps to hydrate the lips over night, allowing for your lips to look moist, full, and plump overnight. The microspheres of collagen seek out the body’s natural moisture, which reduces fine lines and leaves the lips looking healthy and full of moisture in the morning. The best part is that the Lip Fusion XL results will last all day, so you can apply your makeup and not have to worry about your lips for the rest of the day.

When the microspheres in Lip Fusion XL seek out water in the body, they can swell up to 50 times their normal size while inside the lips. This not only allows the lips to swell in size from water, but also keeps them looking healthy and moisturized. Lips can become cracked, wrinkled, and even lose some natural color when they are not kept hydrated, and Lip Fusion XL overnight treatment makes it possible to go the entire day without having to rehydrate the lips. When applied every night before bedtime, having healthy, plump, hydrated looking lips everyday is possible with Lip Fusion XL.

Injections and surgeries are no longer necessary to achieve full and plump looking lips. Lip Fusion XL is a simple yet strong solution for your lip needs, and the best part is that it works overnight. A simple swipe of the Lip Fusion XL gloss wand over your lips before bed is all you need to do to wake up with the best looking lips you have ever had!