Lip Plumper – Plump and Luscious Lips


A lip plumper is a type of cosmetics product that you can use in order to make your lips appear more full or plump. As far as appearance goes, a lip plumper product can range from tinted to opaque or translucent depending on your individual needs and the desired finished look. Some manufacturers formulate lip plumper products to be worn on their own, such as in a lip gloss format, while others are formulated to be applied underneath your lipstick in sheerer versions depending on need. Choosing the right lip plumper product is ultimately up to you depending on your own interests.

A lip plumper product can be used by anyone that has thin lips but wants to achieve a poutier set of lips. When pouty lips are desired, buying and using a lip plumper is a good way to go. The way that a lip plumper product works is by irritating the skin on the lips, which is thin and delicate by nature. This is achieved by using specific ingredients such as camphor or menthol for example. The first mechanism of the lip plumper is to cause the lips to slightly swell, and this is going to help to diminish the presence of any fine lines present in the area.

There are a number of other perceived benefits that come with using a lip plumper product. For example, a lip plumper product can stimulate the production of collagen while moisturizing the skin in your lips. This is going to give you the added benefits of healthier looking lips. All of the effects associated with using a lip plumper are temporary, meaning that you are going to need to reapply the lip plumper product throughout the course of the day in order for the results to be maintained.

It is important to understand how to apply a lip plumper in order to benefit properly from its use. How you apply the lip plumper product is going to depend largely on the formulation of the cosmetic and the container that it comes in. When the lip plumper product is available in a tube form, you are generally going to apply it using a wand. The wand applicator will be a small fuzzy section of foam on a stem. A semi-solid lip plumper is going to be applied using a lipstick brush or your fingers, and as such it may be available in a small pot form. You may also use a lip plumper in a container using a roller ball for direct application.


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