Lip Plumping Injections: Proven long-lasting


Lip Plumping InjectionsSo are you envious of Angelina Jolie’s fuller and pouty lips? Oh don’t be! Why? Because I have the answer to what you are yearning for. You won’t get tired of applying enhancers that will make your lips pout. Have you ever heard of lip plumping injections? Do you have any idea what these lip plumping injections can do to achieve a more fleshy pair of lips? Don’t stress yourself from thinking. I’ll show you a life-changing remedy you will never ever forget.

What are lip plumping injections?

Lip plumping injections is a beauty remedy for your lips to be plumper. This includes injecting a similar beauty remedy called Botox. Botox is usually known as an anti-wrinkle agent. It reduces wrinkles and excess lines that make you look like twice your age. That is why lip plumping injections include Botox injections on lips. When this is injected on your lips, it gets rid of the wrinkles all around your lips thus making it fuller because it is somewhat stretched. Just like the skin when wrinkle-free, it looks much younger, fuller and irresistible. Also, it doesn’t have any side effects or allergic reactions.

Several types of lip plumping injections are indicated below – Botox excluded.

  • Artecol. This is a long-lasting, synthetic material used to make lips plumper, unlike any other material which is composed of fat or collagen , Artecol does not even last long when injected. But, because it is a synthetic material, it is much more prone to allergic reactions and side effects.
  • Restylane. This is a clear gel which is naturally located in the body. Because it can be found inside the body, it does not produce any allergic effects. Its biodegradable property is an advantage for it can be absorbed by the body after being injected
  • Fascia. This is a type of tissue, which is extracted from the body of the patient or a deceased donor
  • Collagen. This certain substance is harvested from cows and then injected into the skin. It is advisable to have a skin test first before injecting the full dosage of collagen to prevent allergic reactions.

Turning your dream lips into reality can be costly, but with proper procedures, you can have those gorgeous and fuller lips in just a matter of time. Consult with an expert before injecting stuffs into your lips. Lip plumping injections can be effective, but it can be very complicated also. It is one of the best ways of enhancing your youthful and radiant beauty.


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