Lip Plumping Lipsticks – Choosing the Right Color for Your Skin Tone


Lip plumping lipsticks are all the rage right now because they actually work. You can give your thin, tired looking lips a beauty boost simply by applying the right kind of lipstick. Lip plumping lipsticks work in a couple of ways to fill out lips and improve their appearance. Some trap additional moisture in the lips which makes them appear fuller and smoother. Other lip plumping product contain natural ingredients that stimulate swelling to increase lip size. No matter how you achieve fuller lips, you want to get a lipstick color that shows of your pretty pout. Here are a few tips for choosing lip plumping lipsticks that are right for your skin tone.

The first step to choosing the best lip plumping lipsticks for your skin tone is to determine where you will be wearing it. Lipstick colors should be appropriate to the venue at which they will be worn. For example, bright fuchsia lip plumping lipsticks are probably not the best color to wear in a suit and tie lawyer’s office. At the same time, pouty pink may be too tame for the bachelorette party you are going to. Choose lip plumping lipsticks in shades that match the environment.

Generally, the most flattering lip plumping lipsticks are only one or two shades darker than your natural lip color. These are good for work and daily wear. You can go a few shades darker if you want to create a dramatic look for nights out on the town. It is a good idea to test lip plumping lipsticks on the back of your hand to see how well it matches your skin tone. If you are not able to do that, hold the container next to your face and look in a mirror. You should get a sense of how the colors of the lip plumping lipsticks will look on your skin.

The shade of lip plumping lipsticks you choose should match the undertones of your skin. Skin undertones are cool, neutral, and warm. Cool undertones are reds and blues while warm undertones are yellows and olives. People with cool undertones look best in red, pink, and purple lip plumping lipsticks. Those with warm undertones look best in orange, wine, and coral lip plumping lipsticks. If you have a neutral skin undertone, you can wear any shade you want and still look good. Experiment with different shades of lip plumping lipsticks to find the ones you love.


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