Lip Pump – Pouty Lips Quickly and Easily


The way that a lip pump works is by using the power of a vacuum seal to draw fluids into your lips to make them poutier without requiring that you use creams or expensive treatments. The lip pump product pulls fluid from the tissues that surround your lips and mouth. The tissue in the lips is not naturally accustomed to holding fluid, which means that it can take some time to gradually build up the amount of tissue in your lips by gently and sparingly using the lip pump. This is especially critical during the first couple of days of use of the lip pump.

To use a lip pump, the first thing that you do is to tilt your head back and then place the pump directly over your mouth. You want to make sure that the lip pump covers your mouth completely, including both of your lips. You want to make sure that you hold the pump in place firmly over your mouth, creating a completely airtight seal over your mouth. Suck the air out from the lip pump to create the initial vacuum, and then you should feel that the mouthpiece is completely snug against your face. This is the first step to using the lip pump.

How you use the lip pump beyond this point depends on the type of pump you are using and the manufacturer guidelines or instructions. Make sure that you read all of the instructions and guidelines that come with your lip pump so that you can use it properly and best benefit from its use. Generally there is an initial conditioning period when you use a lip pump, and it allows you to gently condition your lips to accept the additional moisture in your lips. The additional fluid in your lips is what creates the pouty appearance, which will last longer and longer with increased lip pump use.

It can take some time for you to develop the plump lips that you are attempting to create using a lip pump. If you use your lip pump every single day, and you use it properly, then you can sculpt the results that you are trying to create. It can take several different steps of “training” your lips in order to best benefit from the use of a lip pump. The lip pump can help you achieve long-lasting plump and pouty lips.


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