Lip Venom – The Trend Setter


Lip Venom is known as the first of a class of cosmetics called lip plumpers. This lip gloss type of product uses oils such as ginger, wintergreen and cinnamon to bring blood to the surface of the lips. The Lip Venom works with circulation to give the lips a swelling and flushing effect making them look plumper and fuller to the eye. Along with these essentials that cause the lips to be plump, Lip Venom contains such things as avocado oil and jojoba both of which give shiny moisture to the lips. This is why Lip Venom is one of the most popular on the market today.

Lip Venom can be found in many retail stores throughout the United States. You can also find Lip Venom on QVC. If you are looking for a direct purchase the product can be ordered online from the manufacturer and shipped to you. The cost for the product is approximately $16 for a .12 ounce lip gloss like container. If this is a bit much for your budget you may be able to find Lip Venom online at a discount. Choosing to purchase Lip Venom will allow individuals to get the full look without having to pay for or endure a surgical procedure or a visit with a doctor. It is an inexpensive way to achieve a gorgeous pouty lip.

One of the most popular forms of lip products on the market, Lip Venom began its start in 1999 when a makeup artist turned successful entrepreneur devised the plan to bring pouty lips to the movies without cosmetic surgery. This brought to life the research that would later be used to develop Lip Venom. The Lip Venom product was not only popular on the movie sets but became wanted by all who put on makeup. This started the vast popularity of Lip Venom and the many that followed on the market.

Before using Lip Venom, individuals should read the ingredients carefully. There are nature products used, however, individuals will want to be sure that they are not allergic to any of the Lip Venom ingredients. Such ingredients as cinnamon and ginger are in the mix and there are those few who may have an adverse effect when using those ingredients. Additionally, if any issues arise when using Lip Venom you should stop immediately and seek the advice of a physician. Like any other product, Lip Venom should be tried before using regularly.


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