Top 5 Lips Products that Every Women Must try for Fuller and Plump Lips


Kylie lips – Isn’t that right? This is what people are now calling full, puckered lips, like those Kylie Jenner has been rumored to have had injected but which the Kardashian-Jenner clan has told reporters is only the product of good products and great makeup skills of the youngest gal in the bunch.

So you want Kylie’s lips

Full, kissable lips were what once was the signature of blockbuster and multi-awarded film actress, Angelina Jolie became known for. What she was in the 90s is now the property of King K. You can get this look for your lips with just fuller lips products (whew! sigh!) – no need for fillers or injections, honey!

Here’s what you need to have and what you can do with it to look the full lips that you want:

1. Exfoliate your Lips. Fresh Sugar Lip Polish, US$24 for 7 g , will deliver a smooth lip texture for your pout, leaving it groomed and prepared to receive your products for fuller lips. This product is made with natural brown sugar, combined with the deeply moisturizing properties of grapeseed oils and shea butter for hydration that lasts and plumps your lips to fullness.

fresh Sugar Lip Polish

2. Deep moisturize your lips some more. Get your full puckers on! Prop up your lips even more with deep nourishment from Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lip Repair Balm, US$30 on Amazon. This product seriously floods your skin with moisture and keeps it on for hours so you wouldn’t have to worry about losing lip volume throughout the day or night.

3. Draw outside your natural lip line. For a full, matte impact, use the brand Kylie swears by, MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil in Naked, US$16.50. This instantly gives out an illusion of fuller lips because of the highlight outside of your natural lip line.

Cosmetics Lip Pencil in Naked

4. Fill in your lips with the lip color of your preference. While Kylie loves the MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil in Spice and Whirl, US$16.50, you will almost certainly also fall for the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution, US$23 in Very Victoria and Bond Girl.

5. To create an illusion of an even larger pout, top your matte lipstick with a gloss. Leaving your pout ultra shiny will attract more light to your lips which, when light is reflected back, gives an illusion of seriously large lips.

Another line of fuller lips products you might want to try are pout suction plastic tools available in your boutique or via online stores you might want to try. These look like baby bottle caps that you suck into to deliberately numb and plump your lips. Although it is not highly recommended as you can easily wound your lips having to suck through the tool.

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Celebrity looks are an easy make-do when you have what you need and know what you’re doing. Makeup is still much better than surgery so go ahead and enjoy your fuller lips without the risk nor the guilt.

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