Lipstick Hacks By Make-Up Artists You Should Know


Lipstick is an essential part of grooming. It can render your look as either stunning or downright crappy. And because nobody ever wants to fall in the latter category, especially after taking hours on end to groom, it is important to learn a few tricks that will help keep your lipstick work on top. Some of the hacks that make up artists advocate for include:

Choosing the right lipstick color for your skin tone

Now, before you even embark on the application of lipstick, you must ensure that you have color that is compatible with your skin. For instance, Debbie Finnegan a make-up artist recommends that when looking for a nude color one should choose a shade that is one shade darker than their tone. Wrong choice of color can leave you looking like a crow. Thus it is good to get expert advice before purchasing lipstick. So, before paying for that red lipstick that made Gianna look so gorgeous: find out if it can work with your skin tone.

Working on dry and cracked lips before applying lipstick

There is nothing as grotesque as looking at lipstick that looks like small heaps on a person’s lips. This is usually because it was applied on dry lips thus making it lack smoothness. According to Cloe Burcham, we are all potential victims of dry lips may be due to dehydration or weather. But this does not mean that you should not use lipstick when they are dry. What you need to do is get rid of that dead skin before application. This can be done using either a toothbrush or a mascara wand. Apply lip balm on your lips and then gently run the brush over your lips to scrub off the dead skin. After this you can now apply your lipstick.

Using concealer if your lips have too much pink or red tone

After sweating over a counter in search the right color of lipstick, the last thing you need will be it being altered by your lip color to give you a funny blend of color. This is why Kathleen Kamphaseum advices that if you have pink or red tones on your lips, you should apply a concealer over them before applying lipstick. The concealer helps nude out the tones thus ensuring you get the exact color you bargained for.

Making your lips look bigger

Making your lips look bigger

Most people wish to have bigger and fuller lips. There is a way you can do you lipstick to get this look. You just need to use a lip liner to draw a line just slightly outside your lips. Then apply lipstick to cover the area covered by the line. This will give you bigger looking lips. This is a method Kathleen Kamphaseum agrees with.

Perfect Blotting

During lipstick application, you may need to apply more than one layer for it to last longer. Now, after applying the first layer, you have blot to remove the excess oil as well as increase the lipstick grip on the lips. You honestly don’t want lipstick that will wear off every one hour. After blotting, you can now apply the second layer. These two layers are bound to last longer.

Salvaging broken lipstick and creating own lipstick

At one point, your lipstick may fall and break into pieces or get detached from the holder. However, this does not mean it cannot be used anymore. It can. All you need to do is to heat the parts and reattach them. Use a lighter to heat the ends and then re attach them. They will stick together in due time. You should however be careful lest you melt all your lipstick.

On another level you can make lipstick from crumbled eye shadow. Kathleen Kamphaseum says that if you eye shadow breaks (one that is in a color you use on your lips), then you can always keep the pieces and once in a while mix them with lip balm to form lipstick. See how you can recycle to look glamorous?

Storing your lipstick

Now, lipstick is highly susceptible to melting. This is why sometimes when it is too hot you should keep it in the fridge. You can also store your lipstick bullets in a pill box so that you don’t have to carry all the million and one lipstick tubes with you when you travel.

Ways of managing lipstick stains

Managing lipstick stains

After undergoing the trouble of carefully grooming to make an impression, the last thing you can pray for is a lipstick stained smile. Nobody wants lipstick on their teeth. You may decide to simply rub it off with a napkin and risk messing your already done lips. However Deven Hopp offers a more effective solution.

Put your index finger in your mouth and use your lips to engulf it. This sucking in will leave the stray lipstick on your finger and problem is solved. However, teeth are not the only victims of lipstick stains, clothes are too. Now, wouldn’t it be sad if you were now unable to wear your immaculate white dress because it has red lipstick stains that just won’t come off? This is why you need to master the art of removing lipstick stains with a hair spray. You just spray on the affected part and leave it for a while before washing it.


The application of lipstick goes beyond just purchasing and smearing. There are a number of hacks that a person should be conversant with in order to make their relationship with lipsticks a smooth one: A relationship devoid of any embarrassments and flaws.


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