Personality Check:10 Lipstick Shades That Reveal The Secret


You’ve probably been told since kindergarten that colors have meanings. Your color choices are a physical manifestation of how you think, how you feel, and what you aspire for. In the same manner, you give other people a hint of your personality and your character simply by the way you dress and your color choices – and, yes, including your lip color!

Of course, you normally choose a lip color based on several factors that may include: your overall makeup, your overall look, the color of your dress, the event you’re headed to, and the company you’re expecting. What you probably don’t or seldom notice is that your choice of what lip color to wear is also influenced by the kind of mood you’re in.

There must be one or two colors, however, that you must choose to wear more regularly above every other lip shade in your collection – it is your go-to lip color, so to speak, for any occasion or, if you simply don’t have enough time to think through what lip color you should be wearing. Now, that most frequent choice of lip shade you make most closely define your personality. The less dominant lip color choices you make less often are, well, reflective of your mood at the time you wear them.

10 Lip Colors And The Personality Of People Who Wear Them

Lip Color

Below, we pick up 10 of the most common lip colors and reveal what each color says about your personality.

  • Nude: You are very confident about yourself. You don’t feel the need to hide or to be pretentious of who you are. You don’t try to impress anybody, and you almost don’t care about how others perceive you. You simply let others be who they are and you’re okay with that. You bare it all and proud to be in your own skin.
  • Light Pink: It’s almost like Nude, unpretentious and accepting except you’re still not quite as confident as Nude lipstick people are. There’s a natural innocence in you that almost makes you blush when you’re placed in the hot seat. You don’t like being put under the spotlight. You’re not quite the outgoing type but, people love to be around your sweet, calming company.
  • Lavender: You have a refined yet delicate personality. You are reserved but not hard to please. You are wise and emotionally calm. You like weighing out your options before making a decision.
  • Peach: There’s a hint of the innocence of light pink in you too that blends well with the more orangy side of you. Your quiet innocence is balanced by the colorful, cheerful and optimistic personality exuded by the color orange, although your peachy personality manifests these traits at more toned down levels.
  • Bright Pink: You are very outgoing, very exciting – and you never hesitate to be transparent about it. You have an “out there” personality that instantly brightens up the room just by your mere presence. You have an infectiously pleasant personality that rubs off much of your cheerfulness among your peers and even the rest of the crowd, even when they are mostly strangers to you.
  • Bright Orange Lip Color
  • Bright Orange: You are an extrovert and you love to have fun! Being in a big crowd never bothers you because you can get along well with anybody. Your outgoing personality is complemented by your natural warmth towards others so that your confidence is never taken as a sign of arrogance. You are very creative and inspire others with your creativity, innovative insights and enthusiam. Your determination to accomplish whatever you set out to do inspires others too. You are never dominating and a very good teamplayer.
  • Bright Red: You are a person who loves the spotlight and one who does not mind being the center of attention – in fact, you crave it. You are very confident and other people sometimes get intimidated by it. You have a tendency to be self-centered but, if you learn to be more mindful of others, that self-centeredness is easily translated to warmth and caring towards others.
  • Deep Red: You love attention but you keep some things to yourself. There is a certain mysterious side to your personality that you reserve to yourself only and a select few whom you trust completely. You like being quiet nevertheless, you can easily carry a conversation with people of all sorts of personalities and from all walks of life.
  • Dark Plum: You are the most confident of all. Like the Deep Reds, you like to keep some things to yourself and your mysterious side always intrigues others. You are a person that people crave to know more but, you’re not a transparent person at all. You command respect just by your mere presence. You like intellectual conversations and you live for the challenge.
  • Gothic Black: You seldom share your thoughts to others. You keep mostly to yourself and easily get annoyed when others pry on your business because you do not care about theirs.


Lip colors do carry personality in them. You can’t force a lip color on you in much the same way that you can’t be forced to wear a lip color you don’t want to.


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