Living Comic Book Art Makeup by Argenis Pinal



Every so often, we come across works of art done by amazing people that we are left awestruck. Such people do what they do seamlessly, but the outcomes are nothing short of amazing. You may call it talent, hobby or whatever you wish, but what these people achieve is impeccably great. They are able to change the dynamics of the world to something much better and make us view the world in a totally different perspective. One such person is Argenis Pinal. He is a makeup artist, a painter and, wait for it, a model. Yeah, I know what you are thinking, one person is all that? Yes, Argenis Pinal is a combination of all that. That doesn’t however mean that any of his careers is down, far from it. He is based in Temecula, California. As a makeup artist, he specializes in cosplay.

In his latest works, he transforms all our favorite superheroes so close to reality. He goes beyond the cosplay that you know and add some more bits to the game. His style is 2D comic book pop art. All the characters are brought to life through his art. He doesn’t need any costume to look like a superhero as he has fantastic makeup skills and paints skills that he uses to do exactly that. With the right colors and lines, he can transform himself to any superhero you have seen in movies or books at an instant. He can change to a zombie, superman, or any other superhero you can think of. Any character in any comic book you have seen, that he can transform to.

The most awesome thing is that he is not confided into male superheroes. He goes beyond that to turn himself into female superheroes as well. Pretty cool, right? Well, the next time you see white queen or Female Joker, refrain from thinking that it’s only a woman that might be beneath there, you might be surprised. He uses paint on himself to achieve this. If you may wish to see some of his great works, you may visit his Instagram page where I promise you will be mesmerized and quite entertained at the same time. His works are what you would refer to as exhilarating works of art. While at it, ensure to follow him and give him a few likes. You will be entertained for free after all.

Argenis makeup

When Argenis is not busy giving himself comic book magic makeovers, and making our days super fun, he is a freelancer makeup artist and hairstylist for, MAC cosmetics. He has insane makeup skills that can leave basically anyone speechless. Of late he has been taking the internet by storm. Although he takes some few hours to achieve a given superhero-look, whatever comes out is by all means worth the wait. His work is like that of Laura Enkison, only that his is much deeper i.e. goes beyond the usual CGI’s.
For those of us who find drawing a straight line quite a challenge, then this guy will make you feel even worse. Sorry, I just had to say that. He can sketch any picture to its precision. He has transformed over fifty face and body paintings in the recent past and his instagram gallery can attest to that. Did I tell you to follow him? He definitely loves what he does and does not seem like he is going to stop anytime soon. He is the best at what he does. It would be safe to say that our lives, as comic books lovers, will be very much entertained in the next years to come. What more could we ask for?

Makeup Tricks

Such talents are what amaze me each and every day. As much as you are talented, you need to work even much more on the talent to ensure it is at its best. People like Pinal have discovered they have a talent in art, but more importantly, they appreciate the fact that they need much more in order to achieve the best in life. They work tirelessly everyday to grow their talents. Maybe we need to borrow a few lessons from them so that we can better our talents as well. At the end they teach us that we can achieve anything we want if only we took time to work on it and gave it our all.


In the world today, there are so many makeup artists. What differentiates Argenis Pinal from all other artists is his ability to look beyond the makeup tricks and CGI and out of it bring out something extraordinary to life. His ability to look at the known superheroes in our comic books has more than that and he brings them to life. That is what distinguishes him from the rest. It didn’t start from nowhere, rather it was something he was able to learn patiently and master with time. His resilience saw him achieve all these. In the internet today, he is the guy you will be hearing much from. Not because he is not human, but because he choose to be unique through his works. A lesson we can learn from him. We wish him all the best as he strives to make our lives even more fun.