The Long Bob Appears In Most Current Fashionable Hairstyles


Some of the hottest cuts and styles popular today involve taking some risks.New shapes,lengths and textures are heavily featured in some of the best. You can imitate these looks by giving your stylist precise cutting instructions.A description of some of these follows.

Maggie QMila Kunis

Maggie Q has introduced a cut that enhances curls,which she revealed recently at the People’s Choice.The cut is very flattering for her natural texture.She usually tends to tame her curls in sleek sheet,but with the new style she has let the curls loose for a spectacular result.Curly hair requires special treatment and must be molded in a subtle fashion.If individual cuts are too thick,then hair will look chunky,and create harsh lines around the face.

Mila Kunis always looks fantastic and her latest long bob is layered and razored on the ends for versatility.She always projects an image of extreme sexuality,and this’do’enhances that image.Get your stylist to snip ends on each layer separately to achieve a rough wispy quality.The result is soft and sensuous and very seductive.

Jessica AlbaScarlett Johannson

Jessica Alba sports a classic blunt cut that is almost a vintage look.The look is not heavily-layered or chopped into,but is cut with precise accuracy to fall beautifully,with just a few longish layers about her face.The cut looks good with fine straight hair,but can appear frumpy if applied to thick or wavy tresses.Good style can come from any direction and does not need to be edgy to be attractive

Scarlett Johannson sports a textured bob that looks as though she has just rolled out of bed.It is a bombshell look and is flattering for any face for those with medium or wavy hair.It sways freely above the shoulders and enhances Scarlett’s hourglass shape.

Jennifer AnnistonClaire Danes

Jennifer Anniston again heads the list with her new long bob or’lob’trend setting style.This may well become more popular than the ‘Rachel’,which was one of the biggest hair fashions when she introduced it on”Friends”.Long layers in front make this style perfect for softening a prominent jaw,which Jennifer has.Her’Rachel’look was almost an international phenomenon,and the new long bob may well surpass the success of that achievement.

Claire Danes bob has changed over the years,but her current look of Mid-Length Layers is the most attractive.The layers open up the profile and works very well for those women with fine or wispy hair.To achieve this special look,ask your stylist to cut your hair at mid-length,and then begin the layering at the level of the cheekbones.

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