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If you have been secretly wishing to have a hairstyle with a bit more edge, but you don’t know how to achieve this look, you might want to check out the fabulous fringe on Ginnifer Goodwin recently. For most of the past year Ginnifer has been sporting a youthful pixie look. Now she is showing up at various events with a more edgy look. For example, at the opening of the movie Something Borrowed she was wearing a new hairdo that was very short at the sides, but with lots of volume at the back. Here are some ways you can update your look to be edgy haircut like Ginnifer.

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No matter how long or short your hair is, you can have a fresh new look by adding a choppy look with your bangs. Here is a way to keep your fabulous fringe from getting greasy. Apply your styling product on the back areas of your hair first and then work towards the front. By the time you get to the bangs, you will find that the product will not weigh down your bangs so much because it will be more diluted.

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To create volume, you can spritz hairspray in the area you want to emphasize. Hold the hair up tightly with the fingers of one hand and with the other hand, blow dry it with warm air first and then use cool air to set it. Tease the hair with a comb.

Use a round brush while you are drying to get the right look. You will get more lift to your hair by curling it in the opposite direction of where you want it to go.

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Make some changes to the styling products you use. Mix up a cocktail with gel combined with shine serum to give you shine and sleek control. A mix of gel and wax will make your hair more sculpted and easier to mold.

You may not want your hairdo to be as short as Ginnifer Goodwin. You can change up your styling by asking your hair dresser to put in more layering with a fabulous fringe on top. Another way to achieve this is by using scissors to cut your hair so it has more texture. When you remove some of the weight that has been holding down your hair you will be surprised by how much more bounce you get.

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