Luscious Eye Makeup: By Stanley Patzold

By Rachel Barton

Make-up is all about enhancing what you have but that is not the only thing it can definitely be used for creating high visual impact, to prove this the very creative Stanley Patzold has brought this magnificent shoot of luscious eye-lids with that real blow in them.

Luscious Eye Makeup And EyeLidsLuscious Eye Makeup And EyeLids

This beauty editorial focuses on one in every of a woman’s most female countenance, doused during a vibrant funky golden and blue lids and liner. The series of pictures begins with it a mouthwatering application of makeup, as well as a pungent glittery eyelids and a burnished amethyst eye shadow. Because the footage progress, the model’s porcelain palette is toned all the way down to a fairly peach lip color and nude complexion.

Luscious Eye Makeup And EyeLidsLuscious Eye Makeup And EyeLids

The fading images have an impressive muted quality that is simply as beautiful, however they manage flip an irresistible look into an innocent one. These images are truly ahead of beauty they are celebration of the “Life Behind the Face”. The visuals are so inspiring that it feels like its the real exposure of the extreme colors of the Fall. Anyone can be carried away by these extravagant eyelashes. Just discover the brave in you and try this makeup which is completely new this season.

Luscious Eye Makeup And EyeLids

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Rachel Barton

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