MAC Magic of the Night Collection: Is It The Best Collection?


Ready to hit 2016 with a bang? New look, new style, new color palette to play around with. Sounds nice? Well, there are things you just got to try — most especially if it’s a new collection from everybody’s favorite, MAC.

About MAC Magic of the Night Collection

MACMagic of the Night Collection is MAC’s take on the Holiday trends of 2015. Yet, with the uber gorgeous palette selection and color textures in this collection. everyone is still buzzing about the MAC Magic of the Night Collection even after all the fireworks have been set.

The color hues, textures sprinkled with just the right amount of shimmer in this collection is definitely the luxurious class of party glamour that is so characteristically and undeniably MAC.

The collection consists of colors for lipstick, lip pencil, color drenched pigments (eye shadow), eyeliner, and skin finish.

1. Magic of the Night Lipstick: Just when you thought you’ve tried every possible lip color, wait til you see the Magic of the Night Lipstick Collection, yours for $18. Lip color is available in four hues, as follows.

MAC Magic of the Night Collection
  • All Fired Up, Bright fuschia matte [Retro Matte]
  • Dark Side, Deep burgundy [Amplified]
  • Evening Rendezvous, Deep reddish purple [Matte]
  • Please Me, Muted-rosy-tinted pink [Matte]

2. Magic of the Night Lip Pencil: Create a shape, precisely outline and quickly fill your lips with the amazingly rich and creamy texture of these lip pencils, yours for $17.50 each. The lip pencils in this collection are available in two colors:

  • Nightmoth, blackened plum
  • Redd, cleaelt red

3. Magic of the Night Colour drenched Pigments. Add flattering and mysterious shadows to your eyelids for $22 for each eye shadow color. Razzle, dazzle and shine with these unique color tints and accent your eyes with these formulations designed specially for your eyes. Coloudrenched pigments in this collection are available in five hues:

  • Night Thrill, Gold Shimmer[Frost]
  • Moon is Blue, Royal Blue[Frost]
  • NO TABOOS, Blackened Blue [Frost]
  • Tonight’s the Night, Very Dark Teal [Frost]
  • Ascent of Glamour, Cobalt Violet Blue [Frost]

4. Magic of the Night Pearl Glide Intense Eyeliner. Each available for $17.50, these easy application eye liners instantly pops and accents your eyes with the stand out eye sparkle only MAC can create. This long-wearing cosmetic promises up to 12 hours of staying power. The Magic of the Night Pearl Glide Intense Eyeliner comes in two colors:

  • Petrol Blue, Deep Navy with Pearl
  • Black Swan, Black with Pearl

5. Magic of the Night In Extra Dimension Skinfinish. Get amazing complexion from these glam and stanout shimmers for $33 per jar. These complexion enhancers are presented in liquid powder form that makes this product easy to apply and to blend, and yet it stays on skin and not so much easily absorbed and vanished by the skin. Its long staying power promise to last for up to 10 hours.

  • Oh, Darling, Metallic Gold
  • Shaft of Gold, Deep Bronze

Manufacturer Information and its Claims about MAC Magic of the Night Collection

MAC was founded in 1984 in Toronto, Canada by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo, makeup artist and photographer, and beauty salon owner, respectively. In 1991, they opened MAC’s first flagship store in the US, right in the heart of New York City. From a partial acquisition of the company in 1995 by the Estée Lauder Companies, it acquired full control of the company in 1998.

Through the years, MAC has had a strong commitment to bring colors to life. MAC has been creating makeup versatile enough for everyday use but also catering to the highly specialized needs and preferences of professional makeup artists. That’s exactly what the vision of MAC Magic of the Night Collection, and that’s what it has achieved.

How Does MAC Magic of the Night Collection Work?

All cosmetics from the MAC Magic of the Night Collection are formulated to glide on skin for easy application and a texture that leaves on the products with long staying power while still giving the products high blendability.

MACMagic of the Night Collection Ingredients

Ingredient list not available.

MACMagic of the Night Collection Benefits

  • All products are easy to apply, versatile, long wearing and highly blendable
  • Prepared for the pros and DIY lovers
  • All products are high shine, loaded with an extravagant amount of shimmer
  • All colors are stand out and smudge resistant
  • Non comedogenic, dermatologist tested and formulated for all skin types
  • All eye products are opthalmologist tested and guaranteed safe for contact lens wearers

MACMagic of the Night Collection Drawbacks

No product drawbacks to highlight.

MACMagic of the Night Collection Dosage Instructions

Use and apply as any other makeup. Best applied with the appropriate brushes for greater precision and control.

MACMagic of the Night Collection Precautions

For external use only.

MACMagic of the Night Collection Side Effects

Product side effects cannot be evaluated in the absence of a full ingredients list.

Who Can Use MACMagic of the Night Collection?

Women and even men who need an extra shimmer to bring some fantasy and lustre to their look will be pleased with the offerings in this collection.

Final Verdict

If you want to realize your dreams and imaginations for shimmer and glamour to come to life, achieve that look with MAC Magic of the Night Collection.


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