Make – up Tips for Teen


As a teenager, appearance can be one of the most important aspects of life. Teens may spend a large amount of time trying varying types of make-up. Allergy-free products can also be helpful when try to find a style.

Types Of Make Up
Oil Free Foundations

Oil-free foundations are extremely helpful when it comes to highlighting your face and covering up blemishes. Gels for oily skin are often used for these products. Witch hazel and alcohol may be used to relieve the skin of its oil, helping to dry it out. Oils are often integrated into water-based products in order to help the products stay on the skin, but they can be harmful. You should use oil-free foundations instead. These should contain tea tree oil or salicylic acid in order to aid in acne treatment.

Shimmer LiquidsCracked Lips

Skin problems may also be affected by certain shimmer liquids, eye make-up, and cream-based blushers. Powders may very well be a better choice, as they are usually oil-free. Although mascara may not necessarily be harmful to your skin, long-lasting mascara formulas may need to use make-up removers that can be oil-based. In order to alleviate this problem, try to us a non-comedogenic make-up remover. Remover also needs to be oil-free. These types of make-up removers do not clog pores. In order to avoid eye infections, mascara should be replaced frequently in order to keep bacteria for building up.

Cold winter weather sees its fair share of chapped and cracked lips. With indoor heating systems and the dry air the winter season stealing moisture from your lips, natural lip balms are often seen as a solution. In order to keep the lip balms from making your lips and skin undesirable, they should contain plant oil or beeswax instead of petroleum. These balms often come in fruit flavors. They may also provide protection from the sun by including paba-free sunscreen. It is important to use lip-balm with care, as lips may stop moisturizing themselves and become dependent on the products that you use.


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