16 Make Up Tricks That Will Completely Bend Your Sense of Reality


To most people, make up is a tool for enhancing looks or as critics would say: a way of hiding flaws. However, irrespective of how decide to look at it, make up can help give you a whole new image. One that is completely different from who you are. Make up will help you achieve that look you have always fantasized about. For instance, you may feel that you have the heart of a lion thus you are half a lion. Make up can help you create this human lion-blend face. Or you may wish to represent your bleeding heart on your face.

In essence, make up can help you create whatever illusion you want to, provided it involves your facial outlook. Some of such make up tricks are herein described.

1. Use eye pencil and lipstick to enlarge your mouth

Now, what comes to your mind when a person saying they are grinning from ear to ear? Imagine that smile enlarge to reach both ears…

Use eye pencil to outline the mouth shape up to the point you want it, apply lipstick carefully and BAM!! You get your ear to ear grin.

2. Shade your face to take the image you want

Sometimes you may want to look like a wolf a hyena or a devil maybe for Halloween or for acting reasons. You can carefully apply makeup to get any look you want be it a cat, a puppy or a wolf.

3. Draw as many eyes as possible

If you are aiming to look scary, you can draw as many eyes as possible on your face. You can draw an eye on every available space on your face, but ensure you give all of them an identical look i.e. same lining eyebrow shape and so on.

4. Get an extra set of facial features

If you draw a pair of eyes on top of the original ones, another nose just slightly above your nose and an extra mouth, anybody seeing you will think they are hallucinating. This will make their reality a little blurry.

5. Get an extra face

Get an extra face

Using one side of your face (part between eye and ear), you can create a new face there complete with eyes, nose mouth and even eyebrows. This way you will get an illusion where you can face two different places at the same time.

6. Create imaginary tears

Using your mascara you can be able to draw a line to show tears falling. You can even imagine you are crying blood instead of real tears.

7. Get protruding vampire like teeth

This you can achieve by just pulsing your lips and then drawing a vampire mouth over your mouth area.

8. Get an extra eyes

Imagine the terror you would inflict on you loved ones is they woke up and found a person with two pairs of eyes staring at them? Or worse still a person with an extra ordinarily huge eye towering above the normal?

9. Get a half animal half human face

Here, you aim at having one human eye and one say lion eye: a divide nose and a divided mouth. In the long run you will have a face that is a blend of two species.

10. Enlarge your eyes

This can be achieved by drawing your lashes above and below the usual. You can fill in the extra space with eye shadow that matches your eye color.

11. Get your eyes, nose and mouth sealed using masking tape

Now, don’t take this literally. What you should do is shade thick black lines that will run downwards over you closed eyelids; down to your nose and over your lips. This will make you look like you have them sealed.

12. Get a scary and overly huge smile

Scary and Overly Huge Smile

Consider drawing big and ugly teeth all over your lips. You can make them run up to the ears. Shade these teeth in any shouting color you please.

13. Get a weird face

In a bid to look different, you may consider using you eye shadow as powder for your face. This coupled with numerous eyes will make you stand out. For instance you can have a red face with white polka dots and bloodshot eyes.

14. Achieve an overly mutilated face

With red lipstick, you can draw several lines across your face to look like you were being sliced with a razor blade. You can compliment this with blood droplets.

15. Get an enormous mouth that runs up to your neck

To get a mouth as big as a crocodile’s, consider outlining it to be wide open. This will run from your nose down to your chest. Remember to paint a vicious tongue and sharp teeth not to mention giant lips.

16. Get a gothic look

Use black eye pencil and black lipstick, to handsomely cover your lips and surround your eyes. You can even run a line from the forehead down to the lower lip.


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